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The Dark Unseen: A Novella

Identified Themes: loss, relationships, unseen evil.

Hey guys, I hope you’re having a nice day so far. I’m currently melting here in the UK but hopefully, you’re not. I’m not sure how anyone handles this kind of heat to be honest but it is what it is.

Today, I’d like to discuss a short story I read recently called The Dark Unseen by author, Andrew. C. Jackson. This is the first really dark story I’ve read in a while so I really eager to take a look. if you don’t know, horror and thrillers are my favourite genres because I am, admittedly, a little bit weird.

So, let’s dive right into the review.



When I received a review request for The Dark Unseen, I had high hopes for the story and I was not disappointed.

Writing Style

Andrew. C. Jackson wastes no words. Everything helps to build tension or add drama where it’s needed most. I found his writing to be almost electric. His use of vivid imagery drew me deep into the story’s setting (a creepy mountain forest in the dead of night) and I was able to finish the short piece in one straight sitting.

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There are three young teens introduced at the start of the story, having gone camping to celebrate their end of year exams.

Dan, your average class clown type personality made me laugh multiple times. he reminded me of a few guys in my misfit group at secondary school that would do anything to get a laugh out of you. these guys could really lift your spirits on a particularly bad day so I loved his character. Dan makes a point of teasing his two other friends, Hudson and Rebecca (Beks), who are obviously crushing on each other, hard.

Hudson appears as the brave and intuitive type, able to feel things around him that his two friends could not. He was very in tune with his emotional experiences but always kept a cool head when it mattered the most.

Beks, on the other hand, is flirty and often makes jokes that get the others laughing too. She is a resourceful character and is always teasing the boys, joining in with their antics. The bond between her and Hudson is shown to be strong from the very start of the story and serves them well during tougher moments.


The story, although quite short, had a big impact on me. While some parts did feel predictable, it was a good sort of predictable, where you find yourself going ‘don’t be this, don’t be this’ and you’re proved right, only to be on the edge of your seat. I love moments like that! I could guess at what might happen but there were also enough small twists to keep me on my toes.

A Memorable Quote:

As always, I like to pick out a memorable quote from a story that I feel hit me hard at the time of reading it. these are quotes that really make me stop and think about the human condition and how we perceive things in general, depending on our circumstances.

‘A few minute ago this place was magical. I was living the best night of my life, like a spell had been cast over my world. Now, the spell is broken, and this place is death.’

Have you ever felt like this, like everything is going so well and the next moment, everything seems to come crashing down into pieces? I know I have and it’s an awful feeling.

I love how this quote shows the stark contrast between how Hudson viewed the forest before and after the inciting incident takes place. His entire perspective of his surroundings shifts purely based on his changing emotional states.

Would I recommend This?

Honestly, yes! If you enjoy short, dark tales that will make you jump and ponder the nature of the world we live in, then I think you’d enjoy The dark Unseen.

My rating? 5 stars.

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