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Death of a Lie

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a terrific Thursday so far. It’s a bit gloomy here so fingers crossed we get some more sun soon.

Today, I’m reviewing Death of a Lie, by Peter Harper, a novel set mainly in Romania and revolving around secret government secrets.


Death of a Lie, by Peter Harper is a story of secrets that takes place in Romania. When Lucian’s adoptive father discovers a file of coded information having fallen from a plane during WW2, he hides it away, only for it to be dug out of the family garden shed decades later.

Having found the file, Lucian seeks to get answers as to what the strange code makes reference to. As soon as he begins searching for answers, he and his family find themselves in great danger. Clearly, someone doesn’t want him to learn the files secrets.

Fast forward to the present day and Lucian’s daughter, Shani learns of the file’s existence and seeks to uncover its mysteries herself. However, the deeper she digs, the more her world is turned upside-down.

Death of a lie,book review


Three characters stood out during the main bulk of the story: Shani Nicholas, and Mario.

Shani is a headstrong but simultaneously timid individual, an academic that seeks adventure, to do good in a corrupt world. Her journey for answers is a long and torturous one, with many surprises along the way.

Nicholas (Shani’s boyfriend) is a fairly opinionated character (at least he was to me) and I often wondered if he had some part to play in all the turmoil Shani encounters. There was something about him I just didn’t like and it was hard for me to identify why.

Mario is a kind and down to earth father with a shadowed past. Having turned his life around after becoming a father and husband, he represents great chance and prosperity in my eyes. I adored how he took Shani into his home, aiding her in her quest for answers.

Writing Style

The narration alternates between the past and present for the start, first focusing on Shani’s parents and how the file is rediscovered, then focusing more on the present and Shani’s progress with the file’s secrets. Emotionally speaking, the author was able to get me tearing up with ease: I found myself responding to scenes as if I were friends with the actual characters.

I couldn’t put Death of a Lie down. There were so many burning questions I had. Each chapter presented a new mystery that my brain was itching to solve. I needed to know why certain things were happening to satiate my curiosity.

death of a lie,conspiracy,book review


The story explored the idea of a corrupt shadow government, one that kills those who discover its crude plans and will stop at nothing to get their own way. The following two quotes hit me hard with how they emphasized this idea.

‘A body of people- like really wealthy people- who are set on organizing massive upheavals, and out of them build a one world government while the ordinary governments prove themselves to be useless against what’s being thrown at them- adopting a smoke and mirrors strategy- to keep everyone distracted form what’s really going on.’

In modern day society, there is a ‘culture war’ going on. Lots of social and political caused are being brought to light, some noble and some not so much. It’s safe to say that the population has become severely divided over such issues, all while conveniently ignoring more pressing issues happening around the globe.

‘They control monetary systems. Sow seeds of hate. Maintain division at all costs.’

Again, with better connection online between people these days, many injustices are being exposed, from money laundering bankers and politicians, to hate-mongering radical activists that preach equality or tolerance while not actually practicing what they preach.

death of a lie,book review

The world is becoming a very difficult place to live for many people, with a lot of us feeling like something big is about to happen, although I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what that might be.

Hopefully, if we band together instead of dividing ourselves by gender, race or religion, we’ll eventually be able to turn our world into a much nicer place to live, for all of us.  At times like this, we need to unite via our similarities, not push away from each-other because of our differences.

Would I recommend?

Yes. I found death of a Lie to be a very well written and thought provoking book.
Rated 5 stars, easily.

If you enjoy books that revolve around government secrets and dangerous connections, then this may be an ideal read for you.

Thank you for joining me today for this latest review. You can find our more about the author, Peter Harper by CLICKING HERE.

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