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An Excuse For Murder (Thriller)

An Excuse For Murder is a mysterious Thriller set in Caulden, England. Two years after Gary loses the love of his life, he decides to take revenge on her killer, later meeting introverted bookshop owner, Kate.



The story revolves around themes of vengeance, loss and regret- of things characters wished they’d done to avoid future suffering. There is love in the air, a mysterious murder, and hitmen turning up with their own personal vendettas.

One thing I think could have been touched on more was the story surrounding Kate’s great aunt, being labelled as the Eternal Wife. It feels like this will be a core part of the story at the beginning but there is little elaboration on why she is called this or how she or the old house she lives in really fit into the story as a whole.

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Gary and Kate are the two main characters. While Gary is a self employed security officer, Kate is a quirky bookshop owner that loves nothing more than reading for hours.

Gary was unlike a lot of characters I’ve read about: he seemed to readily admit to his faults, which made him feel more real. He was also protective over Kate, a tortured soul after losing the love of his life. I felt bad for his situation but rooted for him to get a new start in life.

Kate appears a bit naïve at first glance, demanding perfection from any potential partner, though it’s never clear why she is like this. She fawns over fictional princes but seems to push actual men away, until she meets Gary. After the two meet, Kate begins to show real growth, opening herself up more, becoming less timid and, in truth, more of a badass (if you read the book, you’ll soon understand what I mean.)


The story is told from Gary and Kate’s separate perspectives. The pair are brought together, their lives intersecting in a truly remarkable way. To Gary, Kate represents a new beginning, whereas to Kate, Gary represents a call to the potential of reality, as opposed to the fictional worlds she’s long been inhabiting.

Tension escalated gradually, with sarcastic and witty humour peppered throughout to lift the often sombre mood of the story. The author did a wonderful job of exploring the character’s inner fears, especially Gary’s.

Vanessa westermann, author
Author: Vanessa Westermann

Would I Recommend?

Yes, if you like thrillers with a touch of mystery and light romance.

My personal rating for this book is 3.5 stars (rounding up to 4.)
I enjoyed the story but it wasn’t a personal favourite. However, others may enjoy it more. 

I definitely recommend giving it a read.

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