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Secrets to Being Amazing (Self Help)

Secrets to Being Amazing:
What confident people don’t do


Hey guys, I hope you’re having an awesome Tuesday so far. Today, I’m going to be reviewing
Secrets to Being Amazing: What Confident People Don’t Do, by Denise Wijayaratne



This non-fiction book discusses behaviours linked to our own feelings of insecurity in life and how they affect others. The author details things she’s noticed in people all her life that show their lack of confidence, which includes the way people treat others they come into contact with.

The book is set out in the following way: A secret of confident behaviour is stated, followed by a typical scenario, listing insecure behaviours. The author then describes the behaviours of confident people in the same scenario, to show the reader the contrast between the two. A key rule is then given for those looking to grow as individuals, ending with a closing statement for each particular secret.

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What Are the Secrets? I’ve Listed A Few Below:

Confident people…

  • Don’t care what others think
  • Are not desperate for approval
  • Don’t compare themselves to others
  • Don’t expect others to make them happy
  • Don’t take on a victim mentality
  • Don’t feel entitled to anything in life
  • Don’t jump from one relationship to the next

Writing Style


The author’s style is direct and at times blunt, so their words can have a greater impact on the reader. She gets straight to the point and discusses a lot of things that felt obvious once I’d read them but that I never take the time to stop and think about in my everyday life.

I found myself thinking ‘How did I forget this stuff as I grew up?’

It seems to be a matter of habit, of what we learn to mimic and internalise from the world around us, projecting out a hardened version of ourselves that gets us through life but that can also hurt others if we’re not careful.

My takeaway from this book:
Confidence can be obtained if we stick to making little changes, day by day, in our lives.

Author: Denise Wijayaratne



Two particular quotes stood out to me when reading through this short book.
They are as follows:

  1.  ‘The happiest people are those who don’t have any expectations of anyone.’
  2.  ‘The world is already full of takers. Be a giver.’

Nowadays, I feel like many people expect too much of others, while giving little of themselves.
Life isn’t a give all or take all situation: balance is needed to really enjoy life.

However, I do understand that the stresses of modern day life are wearing people down in general.
If you’re feeling run down this week, please know that things will improve, however, it is important to remember that things usually get worse before they get better. We must all stay strong, together, to get through tough times.

book review, secrets to being amazing, confidence, quote



Overall, I really enjoyed this book.
I found it to be an insightful read, ideal for those looking to improve their self confidence.

I feel that this is a much needed book during these unpredictable times. So many people nowadays seem to spew hatred at others, simply for disagreeing with them about personally held beliefs. This makes no sense to me but hopefully, with more self awareness, people will start to treat each-other better.

The book is only 37 pages long, so I was able to read it in one sitting.
My Rating?  5 stars.

if you’d like to learn more about this book, please visit its Goodreads Page, HERE.

Thank you very much for joining me for today’s review. 
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

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