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State of Redemption

State of Redemption continues on from Book One: State of Redemption, by author David Korson.

This thrilling sequel once more follows young Derek and his allies as they seek out a man that possesses a deadly chemical compound known as Alfa Dust. If it is released, the general population will become infected and eventually, die.




The story carries on immediately after the events of Book One: State of Refuge, with Derek and his allies pursuing an old ally turned enemy, in the hopes of obtaining the cure for the Alfa Dust infection, otherwise known as Stroma Crystals. With his friends in danger, as well as his own life being on the line, Derek is desperate to stop the Alfa Dust from being released.

There were a lot of surprises as the story progressed. I thought I had everything figured out but on multiple occasions, I found myself shocked to learn new details about the main storyline. Characters I rooted for in book one became characters I hated, and characters I hated in book one became characters I rooted for. This was an odd experience but it’s one I thoroughly enjoyed.

New characters were introduced, most of them likable, with their own unique skills to aid the group in their journey. While many of them interacted well, some came into conflict, as expected.

The overall storyline was, in my own opinion, well done, with tension constantly building until the climax. I never expected anything like the ending I read but was pleasantly surprised by the way the author ended things.

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Although there are a lot of unique characters in the series so far, I would like to briefly discuss four that appear in this sequel: Derek, Walker, Morgan, and Hendrix.

Derek is a far cry from the timid young man he was at the start of book one. Since then, he has become braver, taking risks he never would have considered before. The amount of responsibility on his shoulders is immense, yet he takes everything thrown at him in his stride.

Walker, an ex-KEA Agent is a large, imposing and cunning man with a love of guns. He’s great shot and has a witty and at times crude sense of humour that kept me smiling. It was interesting to watch his friendship with Derek grow, since the pair began as enemies in book one. The two men have since come to understand each-other better, with Walker almost acting as a father figure to Derek.

Morgan (another KEA Agent, although still enlisted with them) is a tough, no-nonsense type of woman that gets stuff done. Learning about the plans for the Alfa Dust  from Derek and Walker, Morgan decides to join them in their quest to seize the cure. Beautiful, clever and cunning, Morgan is not one to be underestimated.

Finally, we come to Hendrix. Young Hendrix is only fifteen and yet, he has more intelligence than he has outlets for it. Gifted at gymnastics and science, he actually makes for a rather valuable ally in the crises Derek and his team face. Although Hendrix only appears in the second half of the book, he brought an optimistic perspective to seemingly hopeless situations. Of all the characters in book two, Hendrix was my absolute favourite.


Korson provides the perfect blend of description, action, and emotional exploration. The characters felt like dear friends who I wanted to see succeed. Their emotions hit me hard as they experience many tragedies on their journey, revealing the character’s true selves in the process.

The setting, with its dilapidated buildings, emphasized the fading hope in the character’s bleak world, where all are simply struggling to survive.

I loved the symbolism of the dark king chess piece, representing the core villain (no names- spoilers), and the pawns, representing each of the people he uses for his own twisted plans.

The tension built quickly, to the point where I couldn’t tear myself away from the book.

My Rating?  5  Stars.

Recommended for:  Those who enjoy thrilling adventures, of people doing all they can to save their fellow men and women, while seeking to prevent evil from gaining the upper hand.

Find out more about the State of Redemption HERE, or Book One, HERE.

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