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Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening

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It’s yet another drizzly Tuesday here in England and today, I’m sharing a review for one
of my old favourites, Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening, by Mara Powers.

Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening is a fictional novel that explores the culture and downfall of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Mara Powers has studied this legendary place for over thirty years and has created a compelling story of humanity’s inner spirit, our relationship with nature, and the greed/deceptive employed by those in government.



The story follows Brigitte (would-be Queen of Atlantis and daughter of a powerful Dreamseer clan) and D’vinid (a disgraced royal and famed musician, dubbed: The Prophet-Singer.) From the start of the book, it is clear that they are destined to play a big role in each other’s lives. Both are linked in some way to the current king of Atlantis, Kyrilon, a corrupt puppet of evil spiritual forces.

One thing I found particularly fascinating was the concept of ‘The Grid,’ the main power source of Atlantis, made up of channelled human consciousness (AI mind hub, anyone?) Alas, the Grid has been corrupted by a secret society, hell-bent on destroying all that would see humans flourish naturally.

shadows of atlantis,mara powers

Also refreshing was Power’s vivid world descriptions, detailing everyday life in Atlantis. The desires and fears of citizens are well explored, painting a realistic picture of an ancient civilisation on the brink of its downfall. By far my favourite parts of this novel are the parallels drawn between the crumbling culture of Atlantis and our modern day world.

Memorable Quotes


Listed below are some of my favourite quotes that display these comparisons.

‘Dark times had fallen over Atlantis.
Everything felt wrong…the feeling was beginning to seem more widespread.’

In modern times, our societies seem to be collapsing, with everyone sealing themselves off in their unique groups and sharing the exact same thought process, becoming more manic and refusing to even discuss separate opinions and ideas from our own.

‘Revelries were a cultural mainstay all through Atlantean history. They thought it to be their birthright as humans to enjoy the pleasures of sensory perception while reaching for the bliss of higher consciousness.’

For me, this was the quote that hit the nail on the head and made the most profound comparison. More and more people want to simply enjoy the pleasures and profits of life without actually putting in the work for such things. We are increasingly seeing it as our divine right to be pleased and to have instant gratification, perhaps seeking some higher power but rejecting it when the effort seems too great.

shadows of atlantis,mara powers,book review


Alongside the powerful comparisons that I was able to draw between Power’s presentation of Atlantis’ hubris and our own, I also adored the characterization of Brigitte and D’vinid. Each has a strong soul, desiring peace and truth in a world gone mad.

While Brigitte takes a more active approach and seems determined to help heal Atlantis, D’vinid takes a more individualised approach by playing soul-inspiring music to his fellow Atlanteans that are desperate for hope in times of crisis and great uncertainty.

Overall Experience


The tension builds in each scene and had me clicking the pages of the ebook, intrigued to see what happened next. These moments were occasionally punctuated by lighthearted comedy and funnily enough, I found myself feeling less stressed by the potential consequences for our two heroes.

Overall, there’s an awful lot that could be said about this debut novel, too much for me to get down on paper or indeed online. If you’re interested in ancient legends, lost civilizations, and in stories discussing what it truly means to be human in the face of adversity, then I’d recommended you  read Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening.

My rating for this gripping and insightful read?
5 stars, easily!

About the Author

mara powers

Mara powers has never been conventional. Her whole life, she has been devoted to her artistic path.

She has traveled for decades, embodying the famous quote from the Hobbit,
“Not all who wander are lost.”

learn more about her at her website, HERE.

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