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The God Queen (Rebirth: Book One)


The Velocio, a series of God-like humanoids are soon expected to return to the people, to give them hope that the Federation can overcome the corrupt Dominion.


Young Rei has worked in a tavern all her young life and is eager for adventure. When she has a chance to join the federation, she grabs it, determined to do good. However, her life is not as simple as she believed: secrets have been hidden from her, important ones that will upend everything she’s ever known.

Rei must learn to find her new place in the world, while being hunted b a great enemy. She’s desperate to help people find hope in a universe filled with darkness and destruction.

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Of the many characters in this book, my favourites were definitely Rei, Bronx, and Arram.
Although Rei’s allies vary in personality and ability, she and these two young men stood out most.

I could relate to Rei on a personal level: she’s not comfortable with being paraded around or focusing too intently on stereotypical girly things. She’s willful and determined to do what she thinks is right, despite not always playing by her superior’s rules. I was rooting for her all the way through and found her to be a brave and genuine person, that could be cunning when needed.

Bronx was my second favourite character, not least because of his relatable issues with opening up to others, and pushing people away to protect them. He has to deal with some pretty dark memories and is stubborn, often pushing even Rei away, to keep her safe. Bronx was one of the most human characters and this made me feel more drawn to him. His growing relationship with Rei amused me. They always ended up annoying each-other, despite it not being on purpose. The immediate bond that grows between them was well-executed and often had me smiling.


Initially, I didn’t like Arram. Now, looking back, I feel I judged him too quickly. If first impressions can be deceiving, then that was certainly the case with him. At first, I thought Arram was your typical spoiled, snobby rich kid, because that’s how he presents himself to Rei. He showed a lot of contempt for others and seemed to think himself above most people.

However, as the story progressed, this façade gradually melted away. I realized that Arram, like Bronx, often pushed others away as a protective mechanism. Arram was far more complex than I’d initially thought, having carried secrets all his life that led to him being branded, and hunted. He begins to open up to others during the second half of the story, serving as an excellent example of a transformed character.

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M. L. Tishner: Author of The God Queen


I could not get enough of Tishner’s writing style. It drew me in immediately and released important information at crucial times, bit by bit. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by too much detail, and the characters all came alive on the page.

The story moved along continuously and never became dull. Tishner’s language flowed well, with accompanying action scenes that kicked ass.

I loved reading about the different factions in the imagined space society, and thought the idea of ancient, reincarnated Gods was fascinating. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Fingers crossed number two is in the works.



‘It’s how a lot of dictators manage to get their foothold when they want power. They create an enemy for the people to rally behind. Desperate people believe the lie because they want it to be true, and it distracts them from their problems.’

‘There were more important things in life than the opinion of people who had no impact on her or those she cared about.’

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These two quotes (especially number one) are of crucial importance right now. We live in an age where people are willingly turning a blind eye to the truth, if it doesn’t support their own biases.

With all the fear-mongering and division spread by the media, people are becoming enemies. Whether by opposing those of a different sex, skin colour, or religion to them, it’s getting worse, and I feel like it’s time people woke up from this insanity, that they should ignore the lies of the media and come together as people, instead.


All in all, I absolutely adored this book and can’t wait for the next one in the series.

M. L. Tishner:  As an author, you stole my heart and mind for a good while there.
Thank you for offering me a chance to review this story.

My rating:  5 stars. (I’d rate it higher, if possible.)
Recommended?  Definitely, to lovers of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres.

A relatable read that sheds light on potential human struggles when venturing out amongst the stars.

Thank you for joining me for today’s review of The God Queen.

If you’d like to learn more about the book, please visit its Goodreads Page, HERE.
To hear more about author M. L. Tishner, please visit her website, HERE.

I hope you have a pleasant week.
Take care, Dax.  xoxo


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