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The Abduction Chronicles

The Abduction Chronicles is an abridged version of two respective books: An Abduction Revelation and it’s sequel.

The year is 1960 and seventeen year old Tommy has destroyed his new car. The problem? He can’t remember what happened: all he recalls are three strange lights in the night sky, and nothing else. Fast forward to the modern day and Tommy is about to experience far more than he ever imagined.




As Tommy grows up, his life becomes increasingly complicated. He serves in the navy and continues to have experiences seeing strange lights. When he meets his first wife, Claudia, these strange experiences become far more frequent, until he no longer knows what to believe.

The story was well written, passing between two main settings from the second half onward. It was beyond anything I could imagine: highly imaginative, thrilling, and with situations that although improbable, felt entirely possible if viewed from a certain perspective.

abduction chronicles, thomas l hay



There are two main characters I’d like to discuss: Tommy (Tom), and Monroe.

Tom is an honest, hard-working man, having served in the US navy, and worked alongside the US government. He is curious about new things and shows a great depth of compassion for others.

Monroe is an unrecognizable being that I found difficult to trust at first, likely due to Tom’s own trust issues. I was never sure of Monroe’s motivations, but could appreciate all that he had to teach Tom.

I can’t say too much, because of obvious spoilers, but Monroe was oddly enough my favourite character. He is a very literal being, something I could easily relate to being on the Autism Spectrum.


Tom and Monroe gradually form a bond over the course of the story. Like me, Tom couldn’t always trust Monroe or those he associated with. There was a lot of miscommunication between the pair because of how their minds worked and again, I could easily relate to this. There were times where these misunderstandings led to conflict, however the pair’s lasting bond was a strong and beautiful thing to behold.

Writing Style

Hay possesses a simple, conversational style of writing that I found hard to resist. It felt like I really got to know Tommy (Tom), as if I had befriended him in real life. I came to care when bad things happened to him, wanting only the best for him.

Each chapter ended with a cliff-hanging sentence or two, which pushed me to keep reading.
I had so many questions and needed to see if they were answered.

{Spoiler: they were.}


1)  ‘Most people are not aware, however, that official government records
reveal only what the federal government wants the public to know, or believe.’

2)  ‘There’s always a catch when something appears too good to be true.’


I found these two quotes to be good ‘grounding’ phrases. They both reminded me that not everything is as it seems, and that what we experience (information-wise) is often filtered by others before it reaches us.



Overall, this was a fantastic sci-fi read that had me questioning the way we live our lives on Earth,
along with all the experiences we share.

My rating:  4 stars.
Recommended?  Yes, to lovers of sci-fi, and those interested in extra-terrestrial phenomena.

thomas l hay,author
Thomas L Hay: Author of The Abduction Chronicles

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