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Angel of Meridian


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Today, I’m reviewing The Angel of Meridian, by author Justin Hyde.



Set in November, 2019 (Between Switzerland, Italy, and Hawaii), The Angel of Meridian follows Professor Cameron Skull of the Alpha Meridian College as he steps into a nightmare of a mission. While scouting the Swiss Alps, he stumbles upon a horrific secret that his colleagues will find hard to believe.

The story mainly follows Cameron Skull as he digs deeper into the mystery of an ancient castle set in the base of the Swiss Alps. Unethical experimentation on humans, sacred religious artifacts, and corrupt priests set him on a mission of righteousness. Meanwhile, a man claims to have located the Garden of Eden in a rain-forest in Hawaii.

The two topics (human experimentation and ancient religious artifacts) at first didn’t seem to relate. Then, as I continued to read, the connection formed and I found myself intrigued about a series of ancient artifacts holding the power of arch-angels.

Angel of Meridian



Cameron Skull is a simultaneously tough, and kind and caring man. He was the determined
sort of hero or friend that you can come to rely on, never letting you down if they can help it.

Matteo, an Evangelical Christian holds a special place in the story, for he fully believes in the quest Cameron has taken on. Matteo was a truly courageous and pure man, a perfect rival for the corrupt priest leading the human experiments, Bastian.

Bastian was an amusing character in a way. He is the perfect stereotype of an obsessed sociopath, greedy for as much power as he can get his hands on, no matter the cost to other living, breathing people. I found Bastian to be fun to read about and thoroughly enjoyed how his point of view rivalled Cameron’s.



The author paints a distinct picture of events, moving the story forward at a nice, steady pace.
He focuses on telling the story, creating a sense of mystery around old religious legends.

One of my favourite moments was the ‘cave scene,’ where Cameron hopes to escape a horde of humans that have been illegally experimented on. The suspense in that scene really hooked me as I felt Cameron’s desperation to survive in the marrow of my bones.



Throughout the book, themes such as;

.Good vs evil (the righteous vs the corrupt)
.Genetic engineering
.& Ancient religion

…All came into play, making for an interesting read.

Justin Hyde
Justin Hyde: Author of The Angel of Meridian

One Dislike


One thing that kind of ruined the ending for me was the sudden mention of Cameron’s daughter being Autistic and wanting to be ‘fixed.’

Being on the spectrum myself, I wasn’t sure how to react to this. There was no build up to it:
it was just thrown in within the last paragraph or two, almost like an afterthought.

I think I could understand if it was part of the story in general, or used to draw a parallel to the genetic engineering currently going on in our modern day world, to remove certain types of people from the gene pool. However, again, it just felt sloppy adding it in suddenly at the end, so it didn’t make sense to me why it was added.



Angel of Meridian was an interesting story that had me thinking deeply about ancient religion and the depth of human cruelty, however some aspects didn’t add up for me.

With that in mind, I’d rate it 3.5 stars.

Recommended to those looking for a unique read dealing with some thought provoking themes.


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If you’d like to learn more about The Angel of Meridian, you can find more information here.

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