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The Lost War


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Today, I’m excited to finally be reviewing The Lost War, by Justin Lee Anderson.





The Lost War, by Justin Lee Anderson is set in the fantasy land of Eidyn. A great war has been fought against an evil Draoid (magic wielder), and the people of Eidyn are still recovering, while demons stalk the land. It is up to Aranok (an honourable Draoid and member of the King’s army) to see to it that justice is upheld in a land gone mad.

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Every character came into conflict with someone-else throughout the novel.
Of these, three were my favourite: Aranok, Allandria, and Samily.

Aranok is a man with a bitter side, having been treated poorly since his youth for being born a Draoid. He is stubborn and insists on doing things his way, but also holds many worries inside. I found him to be an interesting protagonist and was keen to see him develop as the story progressed.

Allandria, personal bodyguard to Aranok, is amazing. She is strong-willed, level-headed, and definitely a voice of reason during trying times. She fights hard and proves to be a formidable opponent. I loved how tough she was and can’t wait for book two, just to learn more about her.

Samily was another fascinating character. As a member of the White Thorns (a group of specially trained demon hunters for God), she kept her emotions close to her chest, commanding silent respect with her brave and resilient nature. Despite having seen so much death and destruction, Samily still has faith in her God and seeks to help others wherever she can.




In terms of writing, I enjoyed every minute. The author knows how to set the scene and had me asking questions that were eventually answered by the story. It moved along steadily, with well-chosen words to provide maximum impact.

One thing I really liked was the concept of the Blackened, and other dark beings the author created for this world. There was also a twist at the end that I never saw coming, and it’s made me even more excited for book two.

Justin Lee Anderson
Author: Justin Lee Anderson


Memorable Quotes


  1. ‘Sometimes people are afraid of things that are different. If they can’t do something, or they don’t understand it, they’re scared of how it will affect them.’

  2. ‘People are easier to manipulate when they believe they’re under attack. Fear makes them pliable.’

  3. ‘Remembering the mistakes of the past helps prevent us making them again.’

Each of these felt like important quotes in a time where we as humans still immediately judge anything that is different, and where political leaders use fear and personal agendas to manipulate the general public and our worldview.

These are things I believe we should pay close attention to, to help improve our lives.
We deserve to think for ourselves: not to have our ideas and opinions manipulated through fear.

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Overall, I adored The Lost War, by Justin Lee Anderson. I found it to be well written and full of personal conflicts between the characters, as well as conflicts on a larger (world) scale.

I would definitely recommend you give it a read if you like epic fantasy novels, with magic, heroes, dark secrets, and bloodthirsty enemies.

My rating: 5 stars.


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