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Nightvision (Twilight Shadows)

Story Summary:


Nightvision, by author C. H. Knyght follows the young Prince Dante of Ookamimori as he
flees his land, to find protection from a growing evil, the Kobrona (serpent) royal family.

To me, Nightvision is a story of family, friendship, self-sacrifice, and loss.


Story Loves:


I love that I’ve found a book about shifters, without erotica, as that spoils otherwise interesting shifter stories for me.

Dante and his clan are wolf shifters, with the Princess of Owlderah being an owl shifter, and so on.
The different shifters inhabit different kingdoms, each with their own royal family and unique abilities, which connect them to their land.

I loved the idea of the royals being able to feel the heart of their lands through a sort of psychic link.

nightvision,c h knyght




Of the characters, Dante (Prince of Ookamimori) and Nakai (Princess of Owlderah)
stood out to me the most.

Dante is smart, brave, and cunning thanks to his unlikely street friends. However, I also
found him to be cautious and loyal, always wanting to do right by his closest friends.

Nakai was mysterious, intelligent and daring when she needed to be. She had a pure
spirit that shone throughout the story, making her easy to like as a character.

The bond that forms between the pair is instantaneous.
While there is no clear romance, there are hints there could be something more between them.



The author quickly makes us familiar with the protagonist’s background, his allies, and world in general. Important backstory was given bit by bit, gradually fleshing out the characters and world.

There was a good mix of emotive and action scenes, helping to keep the suspense going. The language used created vivid images in my mind as I read, something that always makes a book
more memorable to me.

C H Knyghy, Nightvision, author
C. H. Knyght: Author of Nightvision


Memorable Quotes:


As usual, I’d like to end the review with a memorable quote from the book.

‘Life was magic and it infused everything.’

I find this quote beautiful. To me, life really does seem like magic: everything is part of a delicate balance that allows life to flourish. Even in the most difficult of conditions, some form of life continues.




Overall, I enjoyed reading Nightvision (Twilight Shadows).
The characters were fun to read about, as were the various magical abilities.

If you enjoy heartfelt tales of friendship, with tragedy intertwined, I would recommend Nightvision.
My rating: 4 stars


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