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State of Resistance, by David Korson

Happy belated New Year.
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Today, I’m happy to finally be reviewing the final installment in The State of Refuge Trilogy,
by author David Korson.




State of Resistance is the long-awaited finale of the State of Refuge trilogy by David Korson.
The story follows our beloved cast of characters from books one and two as they seek out a cure for the infamous alpha dust. As always, things never go smoothly for our team of good guys and gals. The stakes are high as family, friends, and the entire world are put on the line.




I’m going to focus on three main characters: Derek and Alexis (two of our main heroes),
and Dominick Torrid (a core villain.)

Derek is a far cry from the timid young man I met in book one. Various dangerous situations have seen him mature quickly, taking on more responsibility than any one person should be able to handle. In book three, I watched as he was torn between wanting to stay with Tara, the girl he’d grown up loving, and Alexis, the girl he’d started to bond with since his daring adventures first began in the State of Refuge. It was a constant puzzle, trying to figure out what he would choose as the stakes were constantly raised.

State of Resistance, David Korson


Alexis, to me, is a joint hero with Derek. Just as feisty and temperamental as she was in book one, her affections toward Derek have since grown. The pair endure many disagreements on their journey but always have each-other’s backs, regardless. Alexis’ strength has been an inspiration to me throughout the entire series. I welcomed learning more of her backstory as it allowed me to connect with her character on a much deeper level.

Finally, we come to examine Dominick Torrid, a key member of the KEA (Reposits.) This overly persuasive and sly man surprised me at times. I never knew if he wanted to honestly hurt our heroes or give them a helping hand. He seemed to shift from one option to the next, keeping me on my toes as I waited to see his true character revealed through his actions.


Favourite Parts


I managed to find two favourite moments during my read. The first was definitely the short scene between Derek and Tara near the start of the story. The tenderness of the conversation and the moment in general nearly brought me to tears and I’m not one to cry at many books or movies.

My second favourite moment was near the end, when our heroes were travelling through a perilous tunnel. The heavy emotions expressed by Derek and Alexis were long overdue for the series and I’m glad that they eventually stopped fighting.



Memorable Quote


‘They give themselves knowledge, medicine, technology, and so many other things the rest of us have no access to.’ 

(Derek, speaking about the Reposits.)

David Korson, bookish beyond, quote, State of Resistance


Now where have I heard all of this before, I began to wonder as I read this line.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of the world in general and all that we do not know that is kept secret by high ranking officials. I wonder what we would find if we had the same access to knowledge, in particular.




State of Resistance provided a perfect ending to a well-written series.
The characters went through a long and painstaking journey, and changed in unforeseen ways.

My Rating: 4 stars.
Recommended for lovers of quirky Dystopian reads.

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