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Tomorrow’s End


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Today, I’m excited to be reviewing Tomorrow’s End, by G. R. Morris, a gripping science fiction novel. With plenty of action, the book delves deep into the idea of an alien-controlled Earth.

The front cover caught my eye first, with its gorgeous artwork.
Looking at it, so many ideas flit through my mind. What do you think of the artwork?

Tomorrows End, science fiction



Kevin is destined to be the human saviour of the Earth, to prevent a future of total destruction, where the human race will cease to be. However, another saviour (of the changelings) has awoken as Darren, a young girl with incredible psychic powers.

This first instalment follows Kevin and Darren’s progress as they come into their knowledge of the real world and its true, terrifying masters. Light vs darkness is a core theme throughout the book, as is the power of choice (free will.)


Kevin has always been afraid of the dark, and for good reason- he’s seen things no young child should ever see. Now a grown man, he has become curious, intelligent, and capable of following his intuition as he is taken in by Robert, a reptilian being destined to be his protector. Kevin shows great courage and determination, making for a likable protagonist.

However, I personally felt more drawn to Darren as a secondary protagonist. Stuck in an orphanage with corrupt staff, she must learn to be strong to survive. Witnessing her sudden growth spurts and formation of psychic powers was fun. Clever and cunning, I adored every chapter that followed her progress.

G. R. Morris, author
G. R. Morris: Author of Tomorrow's End

Likes and Dislikes

I enjoyed the quotes included at the start of each new chapter, some from real historical figures, and others from fictional characters of the author’s own making. Each helped to strengthen the ongoing theme of light vs darkness.

On the other hand, I slowly came to dislike the sheer level of description included in places as I felt it interrupted the natural flow of some scenes.


Memorable Quotes

As usual, I found it hard to choose just one memorable quote from such an interesting book.
The three listed below captured my mind the most.

1) ‘Real control is influencing someone to the point that he believes his choices are his own.’

2) ‘A person’s identity grows. It’s almost impossible to know who you are because it’s always changing.’

3) ‘Life is a journey of discovery, finding out our reason for being, and fulfilling that purpose.’



Overall, I really enjoyed Tomorrow’s End. It was an intelligent and thought-provoking read,
with a lot of action. However, if you dislike a lot of description, then it may not be ideal for you.

Recommended to lovers of the science fiction genre.
My rating:
4 stars.

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To learn more about G. R. Morris, please see his page.

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