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A Noble’s Path (Blog Tour- Review)


Hi guys, I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.
Today, I’m excited to be part of a blog tour for A Noble’s Path, a gripping fantasy novel by I. L. Cruz.

A Noble’s Path, by I. L. Cruz is a fantasy novel set in the magical land of Canto. Although this is the second book in The Enchanted Isle series, with me not having read the first, this had little impact on my overall reading experience.



Inez is an undiscovered mage, struggling to keep her magic hidden and under control, while being assigned community service for a past indiscretion. Not only is she working alongside those who seek out and harm those with magic, but the man she loves is destined for a political marriage, leaving Inez with a multitude of pent up, unexpressed emotions.

A Noble's Path, I. L. Cruz, blog tour, fantasy




As a protagonist, I loved Inez. Born to a noble and hiding secret magical abilities, she has learned to become tough and resilient, alongside being daring and street-smart in her dual life as a smuggler for the Hidden Market. She handles difficult situations as best she can and despite feeling so much, always appears to maintain her composure.

Although it was difficult to pinpoint the main antagonist at first due to the mystery of the novel, Aliz (The Jabberwocky) was a character I found quite captivating. While not the central antagonist, she certainly had a mysterious nature and a motive for certain crimes, as far as I was initially concerned. Head of the smugglers by trade, she is cunning, manipulative, and organised in her daily life. Characters like her draw me in easily.

Finally, I’d like to focus on Zavier, Prince of Canto, and Inez’s love interest. Charming and witty, I first expected him to be your typical spoiled royal, however I was pleasantly surprised. Zavier was a complicated character, torn between being true to his own feelings and desires, and doing what is expected of him by his family. Soon enough, I saw him as someone to root for, someone I’d gladly call a friend, always providing Inez with loving support and loyalty.

I. L. Cruz, author
I. L. Cruz, author of The Enchanted Isle Series

Likes and Dislikes

I really enjoyed the level of backstory regarding Canto and its central characters. I was never confused over who was who, or their relation to Inez’s life, despite this being the second book in a series.

The emotional depth of the story is good, exploring personal and overall world issues that I could easily relate to. The author emphasizes things with the perfect amount of detail, allowing me to imagine a scene for myself without overwhelming me with superfluous description.

One initial dislike I had related to how certain plot elements felt a little all over the place at first, however as the story continued, things began to weave together, where they all made more sense.




Overall, I found A Noble’s Path to be an interesting read. It was well-written and held my attention throughout, drawing me deeper into Inez’ world and its various issues. The characters were fun to journey alongside and all had their own lovable quirks.

I would recommend this book to lovers of fantasy novels, which focus on people, their secrets and their reputations.

My rating: 4 stars.


If you’d like to learn more about A noble’s Path, please see its Goodreads page:

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A Noble's Path, blog tour schedule
A Noble's Path, Blog Tour Schedule


Thank you so much for joining me today for my part in the A Noble’s Path Blog Tour.

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