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Mission from Venus

Hi guys,
I hope you’re all doing well and that you’re able to keep safe during these difficult times.

Today, I’d like to share my review for an uplifting and fascinating book, Mission from Venus,
by Susan Plunket.


As the Earth prepares to enter the fourth dimension, other celestial beings prepare their own way, to help Earth in the transition process. Extra-terrestrial volunteers must train to understand the third dimensional realm of humanity, where they will eventually incarnate, to raise the vibration of the blue planet.

Standing against them are dark forces from Orion, who aim to use coercion through fear, alongside a mix of black magic and technology, to control all of humanity.

Mission from Venus



During the story, four pairs of twin-flames (a sort of soul-mate bonding) train in the seven initiations of ascension.

-Maepleida and Heipleido
-Ederah and Bereh
-Soonem and Attivio
-Toomeh and Laaroos

These eight fifth-dimensional light beings are compassionate, loving, and intensely curious about the mission they will be undertaking upon Earth, to help humanity. Each twin-flame pair was inspiring in their own way, making the characters easily likable.


Likes and Dislikes

I really liked how detailed this story was: you’ll have to pay close attention, however, to make sure you don’t miss anything. I also loved the concept of the story in general: the idea of higher dimensional beings that want to help humanity ascend is beautiful in my eyes.

Lastly, I quite enjoyed the somewhat unconventional story structure: there wasn’t a massive amount of conflict, however the ideas explored throughout are so fascinating that I found it hard to stop reading.

Mission from Venus, Susan Plunket, Ascension


The seven initiations to ascension explored were:

-Control your thoughts
-Relearn universal laws of cause and effect
-Unconditional love of all life

-Hold radiance:  service to others, meditation, gratitude
-Accept the sacred nature of the body: to heal
-Surrender to the will of the divine
-Undergo the purification of every cell


Favourite Quotes

My four favourite quotes from the story were as follows:

1) ‘Aggression is not strength, and compassion is not weakness.’
2) ‘Only the ego gets hurt, the soul is never injured.’

3) ‘This is how the dark side works. They start with a truth and twist it so that it seems like
a truth, but it no longer is.’

4) ‘Humans are meant to have free will. No-one is meant to command them.’



I loved Mission from Venus with all my heart and soul.
The message it has for people is inspiring and really made me feel uplifted.

My rating: 5 stars.
Recommended for: people looking for alternative sci-fi/fantasy, with a unique message and structure.



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That’s all from me today.
Thank you for joining me for my latest book review.

I hope you’re staying safe and well.
Take care,

Ellie.  xoxo

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