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Today’s review is for Screamcatcher, an edgy urban fantasy tale that explores a mysterious nightmare world.




After Jory’s parents died in a car crash, she keeps having terrible nightmares. Her boyfriend’s solution? Buy an ancient dreamcatcher from her grandfather’s store. The problem? One too many
bad dreams sees the ancient dreamcatcher explode, sucking Jory and her friends into a realm of nightmares. They must rely on their best logic and reasoning skills to survive the perils of the nightmare-wed and return back to their ordinary world.




Jorlene Pike (Jory) is a feisty Chippewa descendant. She’s brave, calm under pressure and I really admired her overall character.

Choice Daniels (Jory’s boyfriend) is an affectionate, glass half-full type of guy. While I found him a bit clingy at the start of the book, I really came to like him by the end.

Screamcatcher, Christy J Breedlove


Lander (Darcy’s boyfriend) is a natural born leader: logical, a bit pessimistic, and hot-headed. While his frustration could get the better of him at times, his logical approach helped to get their group out of some difficult situations.

Darcy (Jory’s best friend) is wealthy and bright, however her drawbacks were definitely her sense of entitlement and whiny attitude. As much as I was initially irritated by her character, I saw the biggest change in her as the story developed. She grew stronger from facing more hardship than she ever had before and that newfound strength made her braver and far more likable in general.


Likes and Dislikes


The tension building was effortless and the story imaginative and fun. There’s lots of well-placed description so it’s easy to picture the setting as you follow the character’s journey.

My one dislike was that there was lots of telling and not much showing, so I didn’t feel particularly well-grounded in some of the scenes.



Memorable Quotes

The following quotes were definitely my most favourite.

1) ‘Fear is the taskmaster of our humanity. It doesn’t discriminate.’

2) ‘Always remember: when it looks too good to be true, it’s full of lies, bullshit, and horror.’

Screamcatcher, fantasy, bookish beyond, review, quote




Overall, this was a fun and unusual read that got me thinking about the nature of our worst fears.

My rating: 3 stars
Recommended to lovers of unusual urban fantasy.

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