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If you love a good Thriller, you may like today’s featured book, The Braille Killer, by Daniel Kuhnley.



For years, a deranged killer has been stalking detective Alice Bergman, claiming that his victim’s blood is on her hands. It is up to Alice to unravel the clues he sends her, and to accept that her past has a part to play in his sick schemes.



Alice is a well-motivated detective, with a past she’s long been hiding from. She is persistent in the things that matter to her, even going so far as to break the rules when deemed necessary. I found her to be likable and sympathized with her past, the more I learned of it.

Seth (Alice’s lover and work partner) is a firm yet fun loving man, who worries over other’s well-being. I liked that he could be tough with Alice when he needed to be, making her confront the truth of her actions, even if it’s the last thing she wants to do.

The killer was well developed and his MO took me ages to figure out, which I liked. His communications with Alice set my hair on edge, divulging the contents of a truly twisted mind. The conflict between him and Alice was well thought out and made for a gripping reading experience.

Overall, the characters each had traits that drew me in and made me want to know more about their backgrounds.

The Braille Killer, Daniel Kuhnley, book review


Likes and Dislikes

I really liked the first person, present tense narration style and was immediately hooked into the story. There were slight fantasy and sci-fi elements involved, which made for a delightful change to the ordinary murder mystery thrillers I’ve read. The tension building was done well, building up to a fantastic ending that ends on a partial cliff-hanger.

My only slight dislikes were the heavy amount of detail at the start of the book that I wasn’t sure was necessary, along with having a lot of figurative language shoved into a small portion of the book, which felt overdone. This is a personal annoyance and did not detract from my overall enjoyable reading experience.


Memorable Quotes

Two particular quotes stood out to me in this book.

1) ‘I don’t want to live in a world of shadows again, but |I’m starting to learn that just about everything in my life is beyond my control.’

2) ‘The darkness never prevails- A sliver of darkness does nothing to dissipate the light, but a sliver of light in the deepest darkness can be seen from far and wide like a beacon. Give in to the light and you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. – It must start from within- change your mind and you can change the world.’

The second quote in particular really moved me. I’ve learned from experience that a positive mindset can make a big difference to how your world and those around you revolve. It spreads out, affecting others in ways that make the world more bearable, literally changing things in reality.



Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience reading The Braille Killer. It made for a tense, thought-provoking read, with themes of revenge, forgiveness, and the past.

My rating:
5 stars.
Recommended for lovers of murder mystery thrillers, with unique supernatural twists.

Braille Killer, Daniel Kuhnley
Daniel Kuhnley: Author of The Braille Killer

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