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The Crows, by C. M. Rosens


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Today’s review discusses The Crows, a fantasy horror novel, by author C. M. Rosens. Set in a deserted countryside town, it explores long kept arcane secrets and mysteries.



When Carrie Rickard moves to an old manor, Fairwood House, known to locals as The Crows, she soon finds herself in the midst of a decades long supernatural plot that opens her eyes to the otherworldly goings on of the village.

The Crows



Carrie was a down on her luck young woman, having recently separated from a manipulative ex boyfriend. Though cautious in nature, her mental strength and determination in the face of adversity were awe-inspiring. I found myself sharing in her various highs and lows, living the story through her.

Ricky was a fun contrast from Carrie’s character. Eccentric, cocky and somewhat vulgar in his ways, I initially doubted whether I’d come to like him as a character. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find him growing on me as the story progressed. His obsession with Fairwood House begged explanation at the start, however his unique interest was gradually revealed, adding further dimensions to his unusual personality.

Fairwood House itself possessed its own unique consciousness, able to intervene in matters of urgency, by forming a human avatar of sorts, to assist Carrie and Ricky in their various struggles. I loved how much personality The Crows had and found this to be a clever way of showing the location’s gruesome history.

C M Rosen
C. M. Rosens: Author of The Crows



There were many things I liked about this novel, the main point being the author’s writing style. The first person past tense narration pulled me directly into Carrie’s story, with the occasional change of viewpoint to Ricky adding an extra perspective to the already intriguing plot.

I enjoyed the way in which the story crossed over into magical, mythical territory, with intriguing themes of control, possession, and the arcane.

As far as I could discern, there was nothing I disliked about this story. It wrapped up nicely toward the end and answered all the questions I had.



Overall, I found The Crows to be a highly satisfying read, brimming with wonder and dark happenings.

Rated: 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of darker stories involving magical mysteries.

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