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The Pariah Child #3: Serwa’s Descendants

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I’m excited today to bring you the third book in my favourite young adult fantasy series, The Pariah Child: Serwa’s Descendants, by Natasha. D. Lane.


The Pariah Child: Serwa’s Descendants is a young adult fantasy novel, the third book in its series. Boasting gorgeous and unique illustrated covers, each book follows its characters on journeys of heroism and justice.

Long after the Human Wars, Lyrica has become a world free of brute strength rule…or has it? The royal Alclian family has noticed strange happenings as of late: refugees are going missing, a strange creature has appeared, and a drug-induced illness is swarming the streets. To discover the truth of these goings on, the Alclian siblings must work together.

Serwa's Descendants, Pariah Child, Natasha D lane, fantasy, book review



Bolanile Alclian (Bo) was by far my favourite character. Strong, stubborn, and with a hatred for ‘acting’ that I could relate to, she felt like a genuine, admirable woman who always stood by her family and her people. Her battle skills seemed effortless, her dedication to a cause beyond anyone-else’s.

Orisa Alclian was a welcome contrast to Bo. A fashionable, practical working woman, Orisa was sometimes hard to read and at other times easy to. A flirtatious façade masks her lifelong insecurity of feeling ‘less than’ her siblings, who have achieved so much acclaim in their lives. Equally if not more stubborn that her elder sister, their relationship made for brilliant natural conflict that helped to deepen the story.

Kwento Alclian (Kwe) was a force to be reckoned with. Persuasive, intelligent and highly sociable, he is everything a budding politician needs to be. His dedication to seeing politics become more fair drew me to him as a character, along with his deeply caring disposition when it came to others. His caution and compassion made him easy to like from the start.

Lastly, Evley (Ev), the gargoyle, a loyal companion to the Alclian family. Ev provided a calm, rational perspective throughout the story. His wisdom and supporting nature helped to ease tension between the Alclian siblings, especially when they needed to remain focused on their goal. With a fantastic sense of humour and selfless nature, Ev quickly became one of my favourite characters.

Each character I encountered was well put together and had their own, individual sense of self that made them seem highly relatable and human. Because of this, my reading experience was much more rewarding. 

Natasha d lane, author, Serwa's Descendants, The Pariah Child
Natasha. D. Lane: Author of The Pariah Child Fantasy Series.



There were many things I liked about this novel.

The close third person, past tense writing style worked well and provided the right amount of distance from the characters so I could view all their exploits, without losing the essential closeness to them as individuals.

The relationships between characters are well developed, exploring the myriad differences in their personal worldviews and values, which deepened my relation to them.

The world-building, as always, was phenomenal, allowing me to dive deep into my imagination as I read, without overwhelming me with too much detail.

The emotional turmoil of the characters, especially Orisa, was raw and true, capturing my interest. I felt a kinship to her in those desperate moments that is hard to describe, as if my insecurities as a human were being reflected back at me.

Overall, there was nothing I disliked. The experience was wonderful.


Memorable Quotes


As usual, I noted down any quotes from the book that hit me hard, and boy did I find some gems. 

1) ‘It’s not always what is that matters, but what is believed.’

2) ‘People are complex. No-one’s meant to fit into one box.’

3) ‘Arrogance is the death of many wise men.’

My favourite of these three quotes has to be the first one, because what is believed by an individual (and indeed a society), whether true or not, has far-reaching consequences for people’s lives. With mass media putting a political spin on everything, society quickly becomes divided, leaving us less connected and more opinionated than ever.

It is always worthwhile to take a moment to consider our beliefs and how we happen upon them. You never know what you may be goaded into believing by others.



I thoroughly enjoyed Book Three of The Pariah Child series: Serwa’s Descendants. It was adventurous, imaginative, and bursting with conflict at every turn. A bittersweet ending wrapped everything up nicely.

Rated: 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of young adult fantasy books with well-developed characters and complex relationships.


To learn more about Serwa’s Descendants, please check out its Goodreads Page, HERE.

To learn more about author Natasha. D. Lane, please check out her website, HERE.

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