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Displaced: Timerift Book One


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Today, I’m excited to share my review for Displaced, a science fiction novel with fun time travel elements and Steampunk undertones.





Bea, a phenomenal disc-golf player is forced to leave mid-way through a tournament, in order to chase down her grandfather’s inheritance. Gifted with what turns out to be a time travel device of sorts, Bea finds herself in the wild western nation of Charrbrunia, where no-one has heard of America, or electricity for that matter. Here, steam powers everything.

In order to return home to her own time, Bea must find some way of repairing her grandfather’s device, while striving to survive in this strange new world.



Bea was a lovable character right from the start. Her feisty and sarcastic nature were not lost on me, making her stand out. Watching her evolve over the course of the story, using her skills and determination to see her goals through was inspiring and something I wish we saw more of in today’s world.

Durango, an enigma of a man Bea meets in the surreal parallel world, surprised me. Although he seemed quite reserved at first, he was caring, helpful, and wildly charismatic. The longer Bea got to know him, the more I felt both characters change, for the better, pushing each-other to reach their goals.

Of all the characters, Bea and Durango were the most refined. Their slow-growing friendship and budding romance were sweet and carefree. There was an innocence to their connection that made me smile every time I read a more touching scene.

Displaced, book review, David Korson


Likes and Dislikes


Korson’s simple yet intimate writing style has hooked me, as always. The first person past tense narration flows well and felt like I was actually experiencing Bea’s life. Her emotions translated well onto the page and tugged at my heart at all the right moments.

As always, I’m a sucker for anything remotely Steampunk, so the steam-powered mechanics of Charrbrunia immediately captured my interest. The world was quaint and well explored and I’m excited to learn that there will be other books to come in this series.

No dislikes here.



Memorable Quotes


As always, a few core quotes stood out, fusing themselves into my heart and soul.

  1. ‘We can do more than we think possible.’

    How many times do we, as humans, believe ourselves to be worth so much less than we actually are? There are times in our lives where we lose hope (in ourselves, in others, in the world), however we each have so much potential inside of us. All we have to do is find the strength and courage to explore the possibilities within us.

    2. ‘My time in Charrbrunia had made me consider what was most important to me- it wasn’t the things in my life. It was the people.’

    Material goods seem to dominate our everyday lives here in the west. How often do we prioritize things we want over those closest to us? How often do we chase the newest, shiniest gadgets in the hope that we will gain popularity, or that they will somehow fulfill us within, or improve our lives?

    Let us instead look to the people in our lives, those that support us at every turn, no matter what. Even if you don’t have many supportive people in your world right now, there is always time to make new friends and open up to people who will be there with you through thick and thin.
Displaced, David Korson
David Korson: lead author of Displaced




Overall, I found Displaced to be a really interesting read. I loved the time travel elements and the characters involved. It was easy to identify with Bea and her feisty nature, which was a nice change as I can’t often relate to most characters in fiction.

I would definitely recommend this to lovers of Sci fi or steampunk leaning fiction. A very emotional, gut-wrenching story.

Rated: 5 stars


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