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The Call of Magic (Fool’s Journey, Book One)


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Today’s review is for the first book in an exciting new fantasy series, The Call of Magic.





Emma, a responsible and driven young woman, has plans to one day change the world. When a strange mark appears on her arm, she finds herself being unexpectedly invited to learn about the strange symbol by the handsome Thies.

Taken against her will, to a place known as the Institut, Emma is to learn magic, to take part in a war that has been fought for millennia, forced to give up all of her professional dreams. Desperate to escape back to her old life, Emma seeks any way to leave her new prison.



Emma Lie is a driven and responsible young woman, with dreams of one day changing the world for the better. Stubborn as they come (something I could really relate to), she was fun to watch as she relentlessly pursued her escape of the Insitut. Although desperate to escape, Emma stood by the new friends she had made, supporting them wherever she could. It is her new friends which provided an additional point of contention in the novel as I wondered whether she’d really be willing to leave them behind, especially Thies.

Thies, a mysterious German man, intrigued me from the start. His charismatic personality practically leaped off the page, drawing me to him as well as he did Emma. There was a genuineness about him that is rare in real life and made me like him all the more. His honest, self-controlled state of being was admirable and made him a great leader for fellow initiates at the Institut.

Alex was the best friend I wanted to steal away from Emma. With Adhd, Alex was a charming, free-spirited and eccentric character. Awaiting Adhd assessment myself, it was wonderful to stumble across a book with a like-minded character that I could really relate to, deep down. Alex’s funny, sweet, and supportive demeanour helped to ease Emma’s nerves when she first arrived at the Institut and made her an easily likeable character.

Call of Magic, A. R .Ceagan


Likes and Dislikes:

The Call of Magic is a deeply emotive read, that drew me in from the start. I got a real feel for Emma as a character, early on, for her hopes and dreams, her fears and her struggles. The first person, present tense made her personal issues seem all the more immediate and was carried off well. I felt very close to Emma as a character and found myself pained by her struggles, as if they were my own.

The world building for the Institut and its particular functions was done well and sparked my curiosity to life. Including some Harry Potter references added a sense of humour to the book, with Emma making several remarks about the series, in relation to her new study of magic.

All characters translated into vivid people on the page and were well developed in themselves. Each was distinctly different and possessed their own wants and shortcomings. I was surprised but delighted to see a character with Adhd in the book and am grateful to the author for exploring such a character. Oddly, this made me feel seen as a person and so I welcomed it.

The story ends well, on a dramatic note, though no spoilers: I won’t tell you what happens. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.

Overall, I couldn’t fault a single thing about the book. It was well developed, both regarding its world, plot and its characters, and hooked my attention from start to finish.


Memorable Quotes:

As usual, a review would not be complete without mentioning some inspirational quotes from the story. In Call of Magic, one particular quote stuck in my mind.

‘Sometimes, the world shapes us. It’s habit, nurture, or happenstance. Sometimes our world is shaped by the people around us, who wield their skills in world-shaping ways.’



Overall, The Call of Magic was a wonderful, imaginative tale, whose characters breathed life into the pages. I’m excited to see what happens in book two of the series.

Rated: 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of fantasy novels, with real world twists and loveable characters.


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To learn more about author A. R. Ceagan, visit their website HERE


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