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Bad Parts


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So, back on topic: Today, I’m excited to share with you Bad Parts, a supernatural thriler by author Brandon McNulty.


When Ash (lead guitarist of her band) has her hand crippled in an unexpected attack outside a gig venue, she is left devastated. Told by doctors that she will never play guitar again, a desperate Ash sets out to visit her hometown in Hollow Hills, where a fabled demon may be able to offer her a new body part.

The problem?

Ash will not be allowed to leave the town, a chilling condition of the mysterious spirit which lurks in Hollow Hill’s river.




Ash made for a strong and determined main character. Passionate about her musical career, she would stop at nothing to try and get her life back on track. At times she made terrible mistakes but this only served to make her more human and realistic as a character.

Trent (Ash’s brother) generated so much natural conflict. Bitter about his damaged leg due to a past accident caused by Ash, the two siblings are constantly at odds with each-other. Despite their initial clashes in the book, the story goes on to show different dimensions to their sibling-ship, giving a more rounded view of their history.

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to discuss one more character, head of police in the Hollow Hills area, Candace. A strict and uncompromising woman, Candace made for a good contagionist, throwing up obstacles and ultimatums all through the book. She was easy to dislike, having a power hungry nature that walked hand in hand with police-corruption.

Bad Parts, Brandon McNulty, book review




Bad Parts was a mysterious and enjoyable story. The author used a good mix of description, character expression, and dialogue. The dialogue felt natural and flowed well, with each character having their own distinct voice.

The third person narration moved between Ash, Trent, and Karl (their adoptive father), showing each of their views on the troubling situation that unfolds around them. This helped to steadily ramp up the tension and kept me hooked throughout.

I loved how the author conveyed Ash’s desire, pain, conflicting feelings, and general sense of self. Ash was certainly an interesting character to follow.


Memorable Quotes


Just one particular quote stuck out to me with this story:

‘For the first time in their lives, they looked upon each-other and saw healthy, unbroken beings.’

This powerful quote hints not just at the healing of physical issues such as injured limbs, but of the emotional healing experienced between Ash and her brother later on in the story. The moment in which this quote is used is deeply moving and meaningful.



With themes of family, loss, and betrayal, Bad Parts makes for a fascinating and gripping read.

Rated: 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of dark, supernatural -inspired thrillers.


Thank you for joining me for today’s review guys. It means a lot. 

If you’d like to learn more about the book, please visit its Goodreads page, HERE.
To learn more about author, Brandon McNulty, please visit his website, HERE.

Brandon McNulty, author
Brandon McNulty: Author of Bad Parts


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