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Sinai Unhinged


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Today, I’m delighted to share with you my review for Sinai Unhinged, a suspenseful science fiction novel that explores the relationship between us and the universe.




Patients are being admitted from the particle physics complex near the Sinai General Psychiatrist Unit, all with the same startling symptoms. In the wake of so many employees there going mad, Alex (a psychiatrist at Sinai General) endeavors to uncover the truth before anymore tragedies can occur.




Alex, a psychiatrist at Sinai general has a troubled past, having watched her father lose his sanity as she grew up. Stable, predictable, strong, and committed to doing the right thing, Alex made for an admirable protagonist that I could root for.

Carl, a young physicist working at The Complex on a particle accelerator is featured prominently as he starts to lose his own sanity. he starts the story as a smart and devoted worker and partner, slowly deteriorating as the secret complex project takes its toll on him. His decline into madness was well portrayed and sparked deep worry within me as he came into contact with the other characters.

Kieran, the main antagonist we meet, came across as psychotic and creepy, obsessed with a former colleague at the complex. His introduction into the story amped up the tension and conflict, making for a rollercoaster-ride of a second half.

Sinai unhinged


Likes & Dislikes


I love how well the author built up the tension. It felt really natural and kept me engaged throughout.
The characters were also well developed, giving a strong sense of their personal histories, which helped to make them more relatable, especially on an emotional level.

The scientific setting and plot were fascinating for me as I’ve been into science from a young age. The Complex was mysterious and well described, as was the psychiatric unit.

My only dislike was a proofreading issue, with missing connective words and fragmented sentences that hindered the flow of the reading process, however that has likely been resolved by now.


Memorable Quotes

Two particular quotes stood out to me within this story.

1) ‘Large or small, every experience changes everyone.’

2) ‘We’re entangled, inseparable parts of one-another. Whatever we do to another, good or bad, we do to ourselves.’


These two quotes demonstrate just how significant our actions are toward other people and the world in general, and were a great example of how the story explores the connection between everything in the universe, alongside the kind of destruction humans can leave in their wake.

sinai quote



Sinai Unhinged is a fascinating story that looked closely at the connections between us and the universe.

Rated: 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of suspenseful science fiction that takes a close look at technology and our origins.


To learn more about Sinai Unhinged, visit its Goodreads page, HERE.
Or, to learn more about the author, Joanna Evans, simply visit her website HERE.

Joanna Evans, author, Sinai unhinged
Joanna Evans: Author of Sinai Unhinged


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