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The Divine CEO: Making A Divine Covenant


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The first week of the new lockdown is almost over here in England and a lot of us are hoping that it ends on December 2nd, so we can look forward to Christmas with our friends and family.

On a lighter note, I’m excited today to talk about a relatively new book, The Divine CEO: Making A Divine Covenant, by Geoff Thompson. 

Note: If you aren’t fond of religion or spirituality, then this may not be the book for you. I myself am not religious, however was raised a Christian and found the spiritual aspects in this book to be eye-opening on their own.




The Divine CEO: Making A Divine Covenant explores the power of our thoughts, emotions and actions on our personal realities. Additionally, it discusses how material goods are always vying for our attention, leaving us constantly craving more from the external world, while leaving us feeling unfulfilled within.


Some of the main points discussed in The Divine CEO are:

  • To be mindful of the thoughts and emotions we engage with and allow to steal our focus
  • To understand that hate feeds hate and fear feeds fear
  • To work on yourself as an individual, to grow and expand your conscious awareness
  • To accept the flaws you have and be aware of them, knowing they make you human
  • To be kind and compassionate to others.
The Divine Ceo, Geoff Thompson


Likes & Dislikes


The author’s writing style is informative and wonderfully conversational, inviting you in to learn more. His inspiring tone kept me reading, although I did take breaks in reading, to fully absorb what was being said.

The author gives useful, practical advice on how to live a more virtuous life, through being more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and actions in an everyday context.

My only concern was that at times, some claims made by the author sounded more idealistic than objectively true and I worried that, if taken literally, may cause people to completely abandon medicine used to treat serious illnesses.


Memorable Quotes


With so much useful wisdom imparted in one book, it was notoriously difficult to settle on only a few quotes, however I did eventually manage to select just three, which I feel speak volumes.

1) ‘Perception is all.’

From political opinion, to our subjective views of other people, our perception colours everything we see and experience in a particular way. Our past experiences have a crucial role in shaping our perceptions and it’s important than we reflect on such experiences, in order to move on from them and resolve anything that may be holding us back in life.

The Divine CEO, bookish beyond, book review, book quote


2) ‘We can only change our future position if we alter our present actions.’

This quote reminds me of the old saying about madness being defined as repeating the same thing over and over, and expecting different outcomes. That being said, if we’re stuck in a rut and never make any changes, be they in our behaviour or environment, then we’re hardly likely to have the ideal future we want.


3) ‘Fear was my only enemy- the anxiety line chalked on the floor; a terror barrier-‘

Having struggled with anxiety all my life, I’ve come to see how debilitating it can be. It really does form this terror barrier around you, however, the only way I’m learning to beat it is to confront it, to push myself into slightly uncomfortable situations for brief periods and to become more accustomed to this feeling. The point being that the more we succumb to, or run away from our fears, the stronger a hold they’ll have on us.

The Divine CEO, Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson: Author of The Divine CEO: Making A Divine Covenant


Overall, The Divine CEO was a memorable, enlightening read, although I’d encourage you not to take everything too literally, but metaphorically, as advice to consider, in order to assess your current life situation and whether or not you’re fulfilled within.

Rated: 4 stars.

Recommended to lovers of self improvement reads that lean toward the spiritual.


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You can also learn more about the Book: The Divine CEO, by visiting its Goodreads page HERE.
Or, to learn more about the author, Geoff Thompson, you can visit his Goodreads profile HERE.

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