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Storybook INC, by Parker Pace


Storybook INC, by Parker Pace


Hey guys, how have you been?
Today, I’m excited to be reviewing Storybook INC, a young adult psychological thriller, by Parker Pace.




After Mica Psmith is kicked out of school, she is shipped away to a mysterious boarding school. However, she never reaches her destination. Lost after a crazed train robbery, she comes to confide in Roman, a mysterious boy, whose high intellect matches her own.



The characters in this story were few but memorable.

Mica Psmith is smart, suspicious of others, and generally depressed, struggling to cope with her mental health, just like her father before her.

Roman, by contrast, is a mysterious and protective character. Intelligent and surprisingly witty, he always seems to have a plan for everything.

The story centers mainly around the pair’s budding friendship as they journey away from danger, to try and make sense of the strange situation they find themselves in.

Storybook INC



The first person, present tense narration felt immediate, allowing me into the front seat of the main character’s experiences. I witnessed Mica and Roman’s relationship on an intimate level, sensing their grievances with each other, as well as their joint accomplishments.

I liked how I never quite knew what was coming next. The author kept me on my toes the whole way through. The story was deeply emotive and at points, was also tense and thrilling. Nevertheless, the ending was a complete surprise, one which I won’t spoil here. All I can say is that it was a wonderful twist and not at all what I had initially expected.

My only dislike related to Mica’s tendency to do certain things. I felt as though the reasoning for her little quirks was over-explained and wished the author had left me to work things out by myself, without stating things so obviously, if that makes sense.

Parker Pace
Parker Pace: Author of Storybook INC

Memorable Quotes

Storybook INC had three main quotes that really spoke to me:

1) ‘People who excel at creating something original always impress me- Show me someone who has created something unique, and I want to go right over and shake their hand.’

This quote was one that had me identifying deeply with Mica’s character. Like her, creative and original people mesmerize me. They feel like my people, even though I realize that likely sounds cliché.

2) ‘Don’t be afraid of the truth. Be afraid of lying to yourself.’

At some point in our life, we will lie to ourselves. It could be about something unimportant, or could result in the complete denial of a personal experience. Either way, it’s important that we don’t lie to ourselves as this can cause further problems for us in the long run.


3) ‘Sometimes a person has to fall very far to finally see the light.’

Change is a fundamental part of the human experience. As such, every story features some sort of change, whether it’s on the main character’s behalf, or on the reader’s. 

It’s only when we stumble and make mistakes, when we lose so much and find ourselves re-assessing our situation, that the light that hides within us all can really have a chance to emerge. It is in those bleak moments when we need it the most.

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Overall, Storybook INC was a thrilling and emotional journey that hooked me from page one. Seeing Mica’s character evolve over the course of her journey with Roman filled me with hope, that even those of us with so much turmoil going on inside can find the light in the darkness.

My Rating: 4 stars.
Recommended for lovers of young adult fiction, with a psychological thriller vibe.


To learn more about Storybook, visit its Goodreads page HERE.
Or, to find out more about author, Parker Pace, visit her Amazon page HERE.


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