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Screamcatcher, Book 3: The Shimmering Eye

Screamcatcher: The Shimmering Eye,
by Christy. J. Breedlove


Hey guys, how has your week been? Are you looking forward to any winter celebrations?
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For today’s post, I’m excited to be reviewing Screamcatcher: The Shimmering Eye, an intriguing paranormal investigation story written by Christy. J. Breedlove.



Jory and her friends, now taken to the world of paranormal investigation, are off to explore Skinwalker Ranch, one of the most haunted locations in all of America. Coming across unnatural print marks, disembodied voices, possession and more, the four of them have one hell of an investigation ahead of them.



Jory, as always, came across as brave and daring, with her knowledge of native history and customs serving her well. Unlike the other characters, who felt like they had changed slightly over the years, her character felt more steadfast, bolstered by her previous experiences to remain as she is and hold true to her principles.

Darcy has definitely transformed since her appearance in book one of the series. Now a real bookworm, she took her place aside Jory as team leader, helping to set up all necessary equipment and provisions for their team. Since book one, Darcy also seems a lot braver, which was great to see.

Choice is still the same sweet and supportive, loveable boyfriend. His resourcefulness came in handy many times over the course of the story and was something I came to admire.

Lander is still very much a rough around the edges young man, however, I did sense some changes to him since he’d begun a relationship with Darcy. He seemed kinder and less blunt in how he approached situations.



Likes & Dislikes

There was much to like about The Shimmering Eye.

-The characters were consistent and each had their own unique part to play in the paranormal investigation.
-The story was mysterious and revealed information gradually in a gripping, page-turning way.
-The setting being explored, the Skinwalker Ranch, was fascinating and well researched.

Despite there being much to love about the book, there were some things which I found less favourable.

-There was a lot of telling, rather than showing at first, which make it harder for me to imagine the story and experience it directly as a reader. Although more sensory detail was used further on in the story, I felt as if it could have been used to better effect throughout.

-The climax was lacking: something about the ending felt too easy and I ended up feeling disappointed that there was no final battle or real conflict to overcome. It felt as if victory was handed to the characters, after so much build up to reach that point. I finished the book with no real understanding of the mysteries behind the hauntings: it all felt very rushed toward the end.


Memorable Quotes

Three quotes captured my attention throughout.

1) ‘Light burns darkness away. -Dark snuffs out light. Equal odds.’

2) ‘solving the problem meant you had to chase down the source and fight it head on.’

3) ‘There is no disgrace in reaching out for help. We are all in this together.’

Each of these quotes carried an important message, whether about camaraderie, problem-solving, or the potential for light and darkness within each of us.

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Overall, I enjoyed reading Screamcatcher: The Shimmering Eye. The exploration of The Skinwalker Ranch was a fascinating subject and I couldn’t get enough. However, I feel the ending could have been better thought out.

My Rating: 4 stars.
An adventurous, entertaining, and mysterious read.

Recommended: to lovers of unique paranormal stories.

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