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All My Sunsets


All My Sunsets, by Stefan Vucak

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Today, I’m reviewing All My Sunsets, a contemporary science fiction novel, by Stefan Vucak.



The story is set in Melbourne, Australia. Andrew Payne has just three or four weeks left to live with cancer taking root in him when he learns of a new, experimental procedure that just might cure him.

Recanting how he was first diagnosed at age 24, we’re shown his life as he first meets Adriana, his love, and the developments through his treatment and work escapades.



Andrew Payne is a courteous and kind young man who works at FutureTech as a games developer. Ambitious and driven, he is persistent at finding a way to beat his terminal cancer.

Adriana, a dedicated dental professional, at first seemed distant and wary, keeping others away for fear of getting hurt. However, as the story progressed, I saw a more warm and compassionate side to her that lit up Andrew’s days.

Each character had their own sense of self, giving off a unique impression, while contrasting with certain others.

All My Sunsets


Likes & Dislikes

All My Sunsets was a wonderfully written book.

I enjoyed the close third person narration, even pace of the story, and the sense of flow when reading. The relationships between characters were well developed, especially between Andrew and Adriana.

This is a book that is somewhat hard to describe. I feel that it has to be experienced by the individual, to really get a sense of the highs and lows of the main character’s lives.

My one dislike was that the story lacks conflict in the later part of the book, where you might expect to find more tension ramping up.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read, with a leisurely pace so you could soak up the experience at your own pace.


Memorable Quotes

There were some rather poignant quotes in this story, two of which I’d like to share.

1) ‘Change is always a little frightening.’

2) ‘The claim was patently ridiculous, but extremists and the gullible seized it to mount protest marches- Third rate sensationalist media milked it for all it was worth.’

The second quote in particular spoke to me, of how some little detail can be taken and twisted by the mass media, bolstering people to take action. Many misguided people will jump on a bandwagon, without truly understanding the reality of a situation.



Overall, All My Sunsets was a leisurely and enjoyable read. It discussed themes such as mortality, progress, and love in a way that had me thinking deeply.

My Rating: 4 stars.
Recommended: to lovers of science fiction stories that make you feel good about progress.

The author describes it as: ‘A science fiction novel that explores personal tragedy, love, and a future for Andrew to write.’

Stefan Vucak
Stefan Vucak: Author of All My Sunsets


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