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Unfocused: Book 2 of The Timerift Series


Unfocused (Timerift: Book 2), by David and Nicole Korson

Hey guys, welcome to 2021. Let’s hope this year is an improvement on the last.
Today, I’m reviewing Unfocused, Book 2 of The Timerift series, by David and Nicole Korson.


Since returning back to her own time, Bea is determined to retrieve her father from 1930s New York, where he remains trapped and destined to die. However, the 30s will not greet Bea and her friends kindly. Rescuing her father will not be easy.



The cast of characters was memorable as always.

Bea was still just as cautious and determined in her pursuits, while Omaha still radiated a carefree and adventurous nature, which made me smile.

Erik provided a much needed dose of humour, to counteract the more tense moments of the story. His love of science and sarcastic wit helped to lighten the story in a magical way.

Maia Sparks seemed a lot stricter than in Book One of the series and I’ll admit, I really started to dislike her.

Finally, we come to Bea’s father, a kind, caring and devoted man. His character represented a form of security for me, one which Bea had thought lost years ago. Seeing her eventually reunited with him almost made me tear up.




As always, with stories by this author combination, there was much to like.

The first person, past tense narration was explored with simple, yet wonderfully evocative vocabulary. I could easily imagine every scene playing out in my mind, something I’ve noticed with every book I’ve read by this author duo, or by David Korson alone.

The story was plot driven, with clever twists that kept things entertaining throughout. I adored the style of writing, as well as the relationships formed between the main characters. Each person added something different to the story, whether it be a different way of seeing things or a different skill that contributed toward the completion of a goal.

My only issue with this book (a minor one) was that there seemed to be a lot of missing connective words, or incorrect words used at certain times. I’d suggest a slight proofread, however, this did not overly distract from the enjoyable experience of the book.



Although I don’t have any specific quotes for you today, I’m happy to say that Unfocused hooked me from the start and took me on a fun, emotional, and at times tense ride.

My Rating: 5 stars
Recommended: to lovers of unique YA science fiction books, which involve time travel.

David Korson: Lead author of Unfocused, Timerift series
David Korson: Lead author of Unfocused


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