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I Dream in Colour: The Dreamer Chronicles, Book One


I Dream in Colour, (The Dreamer Chronicles: Book One),
by Sarah Mazza

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Today, I’m excited to be reviewing I Dream in Colour: Book One of The Dreamer Chronicles, by Sarah Mazza.



Alex Johansson chose to give up his body for science, to become lost in a dream, never to wake again. Except he did awaken and now he’s been released from The Pod Project he signed up for, left to wander the streets, where his traumatic childhood memories re-surface and vulnerable people are arrested left, right and centre. Alex relives his life, all the trauma and hardship, unable to escape his past.



Alex Johansson is an ex drug addict, struggling to function in his society, unable to bear the crushing pain of his existence, in a world so brutal and unforgiving. Exploring his past alongside his present was interesting and gradually revealed more of his raw inner turmoil, which helped me to connect on a deeper level with him.

The other characters involved provided a complimentary and at times contrasting experience, although none took centre stage and really grabbed my attention, leaving me to focus solely on Alex’s intense experience of his new world.



The story explores the modern age and how society affects people on a deep level. The hopelessness that many people feed, the lack of purpose, and individual needs going unmet- echoed a lot of the current reality we find ourselves living in.

In I Dream in Colour, I got to explore the memories of a desperate man, one who was afraid to let people in, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to hurt.

I particularly liked the first person, present tense narration. It was well done and drew me into the scenes on a deep emotional level, making me feel as if I were really there, experiencing Alex’s torment alongside him.

I Dream in Colour
Sarah Mazza: Author of I Dream in Colour


Memorable Quotes

Although I jotted down numerous quotes that caught my attention, four in particular stood out to me.

1) ‘No-one is too broken. Healing is not easy, but it’s always possible.’

2) ‘You keep hating yourself for not having purpose, for not being able to function in the way society dictates you should.’

3) ‘Live your life. Don’t subscribe to other people’s ideals- One way or another, it will crush you.’

4) ‘Their lives are compartmentalized in their tiny apartments, their work cubicles, their rigid, pre-prescribed existence. Our society drains their souls, so they can fill their emptiness with commodities they are made to believe they need.’


Each of these quotes spoke deeply to me. They helped to emphasize the key themes of trauma and healing, of society’s pressure for people to meet certain expectations and ideals, of lives that are not entirely people’s own: lives that follow a stagnant sort of existence that lacks life and soul.

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My Rating: 4 stars.

I Dream in Colour provided me with an emotional experience that drew me in, leading me to experience life as Alex’s fragile self. It explored themes such as poverty, trauma, the self, and society’s influence on human beings.

Recommended: to lovers of science fiction dystopias.

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