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A Season of Ravens (A short Story Collection)


A Season of Ravens, by Jesse Synder

Hey guys, have you been having a good week so far?
Today, I’m reviewing A Season of Ravens, a collection of fantasy stories written by author Jesse Snyder.



A Season of Ravens is a short story collection, set in the fantasy lands of Eyora, with each story involving the notorious sin eater, Asher Norwood. The stories are told using third person narration, with a writing style that paints a detailed picture of the magical lands explored.

My Favourite Stories

Some of my personal favourites of this collection were:

  • The Aldergeist Witch
  • Wolf of Hulbruck
  • The Obsidian Circle
  • A Season of Ravens

Each of these stories had a unique sense of wonder and mystery that kept me engaged throughout and made them top favourites in my eyes.

A Season of Ravens, Jesse Snyder



The world building for Eyora, combined with the sensory details used created a wonderfully balanced experience, which pulled me in. Eyora’s form of magic (Trace) is artfully described, as energy drawn in from a Sin eater’s environment.

The third person, close narration style works well for these short fictional pieces. Each tale was well written and captured a certain essence of both place and character.

I loved how each story followed Asher Norwood, a character I have come to be increasingly familiar with over time. His role as a Sin Eater was interesting to explore and it was great to see how his character developed from one tale to the next.

Finally, the Traveller’s Guide to Eyora snippets included at the start of each story helped to provide the necessary backstory, to help me understand the world of Eyora on a deeper level.


Memorable Quotes

Two specific quotes caught my attention within this collection.

1) ‘Asher wanted to comfort her, to say something insightful that might ease her pain, but he had learned that sometimes the best thing to do was just sit.’

2) ‘We must remember, no matter how dark our surroundings, that there is always a small amount of light waiting to be called.’

The second quote in particular stuck with me, reminding me that no matter how bad a situation may get, there is always some small measure of hope to be found.



Overall, A Season of Ravens, by Jesse Snyder was a wonderful short story collection, with much to offer.

My rating: 4 stars.
Recommended to: fantasy lovers of all ages.

A magical collection of short stories, with a distinctly medieval-folklore feel. I loved every moment.

Want more information?

To learn more about A Season of Ravens, visit its Goodreads page HERE.
Or, to find out more about author Jesse Snyder, visit his Goodreads author page HERE.

Jesse Synder, season of ravens
Jesse Snyder: Author of A Season of Ravens


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