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A tooth Fairy’s Promise


A Tooth Fairy’s Promise (Osseous: Book One), by Michael. J. Adams


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Today, I’m excited to be reviewing A Tooth Fairy’s Promise, a fantasy inspired detective story, by Michael. J. Adams.



A Tooth Fairy’s Promise follows Tiffemory (Tiff) Greenstone, a Tooth Fairy and private investigator, who can track a child by consuming their baby teeth. When a young girl goes missing for the second time, her parents call on Tiff to find her, however, the investigation won’t be easy as a past enemy lurks in the shadows.

A Tooth Fairy's Promise



Tiffemory (Tiff) came across as a caring and determined woman. Hints at a tragic past filled with loss made me empathize with her on a deeper level. No matter what came her way, she persevered in her job, using any resources she could to complete her investigation.

While the other characters involved each had a distinct sense of being, they were harder to pin down description-wise. Each had a different role in regards to the investigation, either providing a helping hand, acting in the role of skeptic, or forming one of the many barriers to Tiff’s goal of locating the lost girl.



The story was gripping and enjoyable, pulling me into a world of mystery and intrigue. The third person limited narration worked well with the author’s writing style and, alongside details of Tiff’s history as a fairy, created a wonderful sense of her character’s internal self.

My only issue was with the text as some sentences were incomplete or included the wrong connective words, confusing the sentence’s overall meaning. However, a simple proofread would easily fix this.

Michael. J. Adams: Author of A Tooth Fairy's Promise



Overall, I adored A Tooth Fairy’s Promise. It proved to be an interesting start to a unique fantasy detective series and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

My rating: 4 stars.
Recommended to: lovers of fantasy-inspired investigation novels, with kick-ass mythical detectives.



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