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We: The Wanted


We: The Wanted, by Matthew Schultz and Jordan Lepore

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Today, I’m reviewing We: The Wanted, by Matthew Schultz and Jordan Lepore.


If you intend to read this book, there are mentions of slavery and some brutal torture toward slaves in one or two chapters, based on historical events that took place in the past. As such, people may find these sections disturbing.



Set in 1847, Irishman Patrick Gallagher sets sail aboard a ship, bound for America. However, his journey doesn’t go to plan. While trying to make his way to New York City, in hope of securing work with a relative, Patrick finds himself in a forest full of mythical beings. Here, he is hunted by strange unseen creatures, until he meets another group of travellers who have had a far more tragic journey. With Patrick and the newcomers banding together, the little group must flee from the terror that lurks within the forest, risking their very lives, in the hope of securing freedom.

We: the Wanted



There isn’t too much I can say about the characters involved. They were simple in a sense, but easily distinguishable from each-other, each with a brief backstory so the reader gets a feel for how they were led into their current predicament.

Patrick Gallagher, the character we mainly follow through the story, was a loving brother. At first, he was a disbeliever of mythical creatures and magic, which made his shared journey through the mythical forest rather interesting. As the story continued, I saw his beliefs transform as his new experiences, alongside those of his new companions, helped to expose the truth of the forest’s secrets.

Angele, an ex-slave was a fascinating character in her own right. She was courageous, wise, and strong in spirit. Her immense skill in practicing voodoo (as daughter of the famed Voodoo Queen Marie Laveu) helped to protect her new travelling companions in multiple instances, however, even voodoo cannot stave off death forever.

The interactions between Patrick (a non-believer) and Angele (a devout believer in the supernatural) were interesting. Seeing their strongly contrasting viewpoints when they first met created an organic tension, which gradually dissipated the further into the story I read. Seeing two very different people, from two rather different backgrounds working together made for a nice change to a lot of the fiction I’ve read thus far.

Matthew Schultz: Co-Author of We: The Wanted



We: The Wanted had several features which made it highly likable.

-Inclusion of Irish folklore, alongside the history of voodoo (new Orleans based): an interesting combination.
-The author’s writing styles created a unique sense of depth when it came to the events of the narrative.

-The sheer amount of human misery and suffering involved provided a realistic feel to the story, instilling characters with a true feeling of hardship as they attempted to achieve their goals.

-The accompanying illustrations (see in book) gave an eerie feel, which matched the overall tone of the story. I was impressed by the talent demonstrated here.


Memorable Quotes

Two particular quotes stood out to me in this book.

1) ‘Victors control our belief systems.’

2) ‘Once you’ve been hurt bad enough, it’s difficult to place your trust in anyone.’

Both were thought provoking quotes. While one describes how we as people come to view the world through a select few individual’s actions, the other details just how fragile our trust in others can become.



Overall, We: The Wanted was a fascinating read, which took me on a mysterious journey through Irish Folklore, ancient voodoo, and demonstrated the desperate human will to survive.

My Rating: 4 stars
Recommended to: lovers of unique mythical tales that explore different belief systems.

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