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Mermaid Steel, by Jay Heartlove


Mermaid Steel, by Jay Heartlove

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Today, I’m excited to share my review for fantasy romance novel, Mermaid Steel, by Jay Heartlove.


Please Note: There are a few detailed love scenes about half-way into the book, which may not be suitable for younger readers.



When Sten Holdsmith is saved from drowning by a Merrow (mermaid), he decides to show her his Blacksmithing trade and soon comes to befriend her. Unbeknownst to Sten, the Merrow (known as Chielle) has been hunting him for a chance to steal his trade secrets. Gradually, their lives become more intertwined, until a romantic relationship places each of them in danger. As the humans and Merrow come into conflict over their territories, Sten and Chielle must find a way to restore peace, together.

Mermaid Steel



The two main characters were both interesting and admirable in their own right.

Sten Holdsmith, a talented blacksmith is a helpful and hardworking man, who cares for others and follows his heart. He shows great courage in the face of adversity and stands up for what he considers right, even if others won’t.

In contrast, Chielle Mmava, a Merrow weaver is an innocent idealist type, whose curiosity gets the better of her. Chielle’s adventurous spirit and brave, headstrong character had me rooting for her to succeed in her plans.

Together, Sten and Chielle made for an endearing couple and an effective problem-solving team.



Mermaid Steel was a fascinating story, with much to like and enjoy. Below are just a few things which made my reading experience worthwhile.

  • The history between the Merrow and the humans, and the taboo of trading between races was gradually filled in, providing added context to the current conflict between the two groups.

  • Tension was built up gradually, with many sweet, tender moments between Sten and Chielle peppered throughout, to give the book a more light-hearted feel when needed.

  • I adored the sweet, blooming romance between Sten and Chielle. There was an innocence to not just Chielle, but to their relationship in general. There was so much love: a deep and powerful kind, which felt so natural. Additionally, seeing them learn from each-other’s experiences was nice and gave me a warm, tingly feeling in my heart.

  • The ending of the story was sweet and brought everything to a nice close.
Mermaid Steel, Jay Heartlove
Jay Heartlove: Author of Mermaid Steel


Memorable Quotes

Of the numerous inspiring quotes I found while reading Mermaid Steel, these following four stood out the most.

1) ‘There is always another choice besides taking up arms. It’s what makes us civilized.’
2) ‘Young people are always more accepting. That is, until their parents teach them to hate.’

3) ‘Each person has it within themselves to be better, stronger, smarter, and braver than you’d think.’
4) ‘Sometimes you have to just make the changes you want to see in the world.’

Each of these quotes showcased an important element of the story: the choice to solve problems without violence, acceptance vs hatred, individual potential, and most importantly, standing up for what you believe in and making the world a better place where you can.

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Overall, Mermaid Steel is a wonderful story, which explores the conflict between two humanoid races as they struggle to hold onto their territories, and their humanity.

My Rating: 4 stars.
Recommended to: lovers of Fantasy Romance.



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