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Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive, by Don Sedei


Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive (Volume 2 of The Kachada Series),
by Don Sedei:

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Today, I’m excited to be reviewing Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive (Volume 2 of The Kachada Series), by Don Sedei. So, if you’ve got your favourite drink to hand and are all settled in, let’s begin.


The story is set in July 2010 in Texas, USA, where Kachada Toscano is still recounting his past escapades as an assassin to a group of esteemed US senators. Here, he details how he went after a dangerous man known as Abu Naif, the same man who had his previous partner Joanne killed.

We soon learn that while Kachada sought revenge on Abu, there were several unexpected turns of events, including the discovery of enemies he didn’t know he had. While Kachada seeks to end Abu’s life, Abu is hell bent on killing Kachada’s own beloved family.

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It was hard to know which of the characters to focus on, so I’ve settled on the following three; our leading man- Kachada Toscano, his wife Aponi, and Kachada’s old friend Hayri.

Kachada Toscano (part Comanche, part Sicilian) was diagnosed with terminal cancer in his late teens, given just two more years to live. Ever since then, he has counted every extra minute he has been given of precious life, and shows a great appreciation of the time he has been granted with loved ones in particular. He is a blunt and guarded man, traits developed from years of loss and work as a trained assassin. He has a photographic memory and is overwhelmingly protective of his family. He was also direct and to the point, as well as being brave and devoted to the cause of justice. Furthermore, he has a vengeful streak, needing to exact justice in his own vigilante style. In each chapter of this series, I find myself admiring Kachada’s character more and more, seeing how determined he is to not only protect those he loves, but the innocent as well.

Aponi, Kachada’s beloved wife is a tall, elegant, and breath-taking Comanche model. She was just as sweet and caring as she appeared in book one of the series, but was also fiercely protective of her family, never allowing any harm to come to them if she could help it. She was strong in her own right, but also possessed a simultaneous sense of delicacy which created an alluring dichotomy in her character.

Finally we come to Hayri, Kachada’s long time friend and confidante. Hayri is a mysterious man who seems to ‘know everything,’ so to speak. He has eyes and ears everywhere and is never without vital pieces of information, filling Kachada in whenever needed. Hayri is somewhat laid back, with a quick intellect, and polite and oddly formal manner. He made for a loyal and supportive friend to Kachada throughout the years, qualities which I found deeply admirable.

Don Sedei: Author of Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive


Positive Aspects

There was much to love about book two of the Kachada series, details of which can be found below.

  • I liked how the story immediately began with a tense memory, increasing feelings of danger and intrigue.

  • The tension building is handled remarkably well; there were many great action scenes that got my heart pumping and my interest engaged.

  • I also liked how the settings were described in just enough detail for the reader to picture everything in their mind.

  • Finally, I liked how the characters were consistent, presented in a similar way as in the previous book, with some old favourites returning for book two.


Negative Aspects

Although my experience of this book was mainly positive, there was one thing which niggled at me.

  • The author repeatedly mixed past and present tense, which felt rather confusing and lead the sentence structure to sound a little off when read, especially if aloud.

Memorable Quotes

Throughout my reading, I identified three powerful quotes which I feel the need to share with you below.

1) ‘You will meet people who will have an impact on your life. It is okay to love those along the way. It’s how you discover who you are.’

I found this to be an especially relatable quote as there will always be people that we encounter in life, whom we will come to love dearly. However, some of these people are only for certain seasons of life. It is okay to love people throughout life, even if we have to let them go. Like the quote says, it is these people and the experiences that we share with them that open our eyes to what we truly want and who we are supposed to be.


2) ‘Remember, birth is a death sentence. So make every minute count.’

This quote appears throughout the series and is one of the core messages of the books. From the moment we are born, we begin to decay. It is therefore imperative that we strive to make the most of our lives in any way that we can.

3) ‘Art is powerful medicine.’

I found myself agreeing with this quote as soon as I saw it. From personal experience, I have found art in a variety of forms to be deeply healing. Not only can it lift your mood or make you laugh. It can also help you to see things from alternative perspectives, allowing you to see a situation through the eyes of another.

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Overall, Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive was an excellent succession to Book One of the Kachada series. It was a gripping tale of espionage, vengeance, and justice.

Themes included; vengeance and retribution, family, honour, justice, and loss.

My Rating: 4 stars.
Recommended to: those aged 18 and over, who enjoy gripping thrillers with plenty of violence.

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Or, to find out more about Don Sedei, simply visit his Amazon author page, HERE.


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