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Jophiel’s Secret, by Johanna Frank

Jophiel’s Secret (The Gatekeeper’s Descendants, Book 2),
by Johanna Frank

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Today, I’m excited to be reviewing Jophiel’s Secret (The Gatekeeper’s Descendants, Book 2), by Johanna Frank.
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The story is set between the town of Havensight on Earth, The Kingdom (synonymous with the idea of Heaven), and The Deep (likened to a version of Hell.)

Pipiera waits for her mother to arrive at The Kingdom gate, to be reunited in the afterlife after so many years. However, their reunion may have to wait as her friend Jophiel is about to have his earth tour cut short. It is up to Pipiera to go to earth, to help him. However, while she is led to believe she will be helping Jophiel, she will actually be there to inspire Matthew McKenzie, her nephew. With but twenty-one days to do so, she has her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Matthew McKenzie finds himself in a panic after he loses his half-sister’s younger brother, Joppha (Jophiel’s earthly child form.) After being pulled back into his old nightmares by the trickster, Kasartha, Matthew vows to find Joppha, no matter the cost.

While the forces of The Kingdom do all they can to help Matthew and Pipiera, forces from The Deep fight to sway our lead characters from their righteous paths.

Together, can Matthew and Pipiera work to save Joppha?
And will Kasartha’s attacks on Matthew’s family finally come to an end?

Jophiel's Secret


As there were simply too many characters to count, I have decided to focus on the following three: Pipiera, Matthew, and Joppha (AKA: Jophiel.)

First, let’s discuss Pipiera, a lovely, kind soul who resides within The Kingdom. She proves herself to be inquisitive and deeply caring, sometimes going so far as to interfere when she is specifically told not to by the powers that be. She was such a caring and empathetic soul that I found myself instantly warming to her. She also holds a deep sense of longing inside – to confess her true identity to her Earth family, even though she knows she is forbidden to do so. This longing became a deep emotional pain and struggle for Pipiera, one which could be felt in every scene she appeared in. I really felt for her in those moments, having to hold back so much. However, despite her willingness to be cautious at times, she was also a bit of a rebel, foregoing the rules of how she was to act on Earth when situations seemed to call for more of a risk-taking approach. Overall, I adored her as a character.

Next, I would like to examine Matthew Mckenzie, Pipiera’s Earthly nephew. Since book one of this series, Matthew has grown so much. No longer is he the selfish and angry young man he once was, being easily pulled in by the forces of The Deep. Now, he is much more caring, considerate, and relaxed, although his old dark thoughts do surface as things get tough throughout the book. While Matthew began the story with this deep need to feel loved, he ends the story transformed, feeling more of a need to give love and care to others than to receive it himself. In every scene, I found myself admiring the young man he had become since book one, making tough decisions, trying to be there for others, and putting others first for a change.

Finally, we come to Joppha (AKA: Jophiel), Pipiera’s close friend originally from The Kingdom. Joppha takes the form of a young boy on Earth, one who is curious, highly intelligent, and sensitive in nature. He also shows himself to be a serious boy, always on the lookout for danger and threat wherever he goes, despite having no recollection of his former life in The Kingdom as an escort for arriving souls. However, Joppha always seems to feel like he is out of place, like somewhere his ‘real’ home is waiting for him, a place where he would feel truly understood. It made me ache to feel this sense of longing in his character, to return to a place where one feels understood. Following his lengthy journey to return to such a place was both heart-breaking and oddly moving.

Johanna Frank
Johanna Frank: Author of Jophiel's Secret


Memorable Quotes

While reading Jophiel’s Secret, I encountered four quotes which stuck with me.

1) ‘No matter what, keep your faith – no – matter – what. That’s what counts.’

2) ‘Instrumental growth comes from chaos.’

3) ‘Sometimes, emotions get in the way of things, especially past, hurting ones. Ones that block our thinking and stop us from opening our eyes to what’s right in front of us.’

4) ‘We never know what our tomorrows will bring.’

Jophiel's Secret, Johanna Frank, bookis Beyond, book review, book quote


Overall, Jophiel’s Secret was a wonderful, gripping sequel, which took me on an adventure of a lifetime.
Themes included family, the afterlife, human connection, love, loss, and good vs evil.

My Rating: 5 stars.
Recommended to: lovers of spiritual fantasy series, with young adult protagonists.

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