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Our Lady of the Artilects (Spotlight Post)


Introducing: Our Lady of the Artilects

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Today, we’re doing a spotlight post for an exciting, cross-genre book titled Our Lady of the Artilects, by Andrew Gillsmith.

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About the Story

Our Lady of the Artilects
is a relatively new novel by science fiction writer, Andrew Gillsmith, and dives deep into questions of consciousness, faith, and artificial intelligence.

World leaders are already on edge as Artilects (next-generation androids) begin reporting a strange apocalyptic vision that only they can see.

However, when an Artilect belonging to the wealthiest man in Africa shows up at the Basilica of Our Lady of Nigeria claiming to be possessed, the stakes are raised. The Vatican sends Fr. Gabriel Serafian, an exorcist and former neuroscientist, to investigate. Serafian quickly finds himself swept up in a conspiracy of global – and possibly supernatural – proportions.

To discover the truth and save not only humanity but the artilects themselves, Serafian enlists the aid of a tough-as-nails Imperial Praetor named Namono Mbambu.

Our Lady of the Artilects


Praise for Our Lady of the Artilects

In addition to receiving rave reviews on Amazon, Our Lady of the Artilects has hit the #1 bestseller spot in hard science fiction, cyberpunk, metaphysical science fiction, and technothrillers. It has also topped numerous literature lists, including Goodreads’ Best Science Fiction and Spiritual Sci-fi lists. Furthermore, Midwest Book Review calls Our Lady of the Artilects a “metaphysical tour de force spanning time, space, and faith that proves hard to put down or easily define.”

Where to Purchase the Book

If you’re interested in purchasing Our Lady of the Artilects, you can find it on the Amazon website.
You can also learn more about Our Lady of the Artilects by visiting its Goodreads page.

Andrew Gillsmith
Andrew Gillsmith; Author of Our Lady of the Artilects

Further Details of the Book

Below are some additional details of the book, such as its listed genres, date of release, publishing company, and more.

  • TITLE: Our Lady of the Artilects
  • RELEASE DATE: April 28, 2022
  • AUTHOR: Andrew Gillsmith
  • PUBLISHER: Mar Thoma Publishing
  • ISBN: ‎ B0B13RW92K
  • ASIN:‎ B09Z7F81WD
  • GENRE: Science fiction, Metaphysical fiction, Religious fiction, Technothriller
  • PAGES: 415
  • PURCHASING DETAILS: Our Lady of the Artilects is available on Amazon


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