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Just A Wild Ghost Chase (Unit 13, Book 2)


Just a Wild Ghost Chase (Unit 13, Book 2), by Dan Harris

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Today, I’m excited to be reviewing Just a Wild Ghost Chase, book 2 in the Unit 13 series, by Dan Harris.
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Just A Wild Ghost Chase is the second instalment in a gripping supernatural series. Set in London, England, it follows the perspectives of Tom, a ghost investigator, and Martha, an elderly witch.

Having filled in for a colleague who performs exorcisms on spirits, Tom now finds himself being sent on more challenging investigations, only to start seeing the dead wherever he goes.

Meanwhile, an elderly witch known as Martha searches for another witch whose ominous presence she feels throughout London.


Just a Wild Ghost Chase
explored the perspectives of two main characters, Tom (a would-be exorcist) and Martha (a seasoned witch.)

Tom is a ghost investigator, a curious and somewhat compliant young man, who always does as he’s told, more or less. However, he is also brave and hard-working, determined to get to the root of things, which I thought was rather admirable.

In contrast, Martha is an elderly witch with extraordinary power. She begins the story in search of something – a mysterious witch somewhere in the city of London, who has so far been elusive. Martha was a somewhat sneaky and highly intelligent woman, a wise but equally nosy individual. That she shared Tom’s intense curiosity was an interesting parallel, as was her shared sense of persistence as she put all of her effort into uncovering the identity of the witch she sought.

Dan Harris, author
Dan Harris: Author of Just A Wild Ghost Chase

Positive Aspects

There were several positives to Just a Wild Ghost Chase, which I’ve briefly mentioned below:

  • I loved the story world, a modern, yet ordinary-seeming world to most but with witches, spirits, and unseen magic being a part of everyday life.

  • The third-person, past-tense narration was an effective way of telling this particular story. The story switched between Tom and Martha’s different perspectives, so we saw each side of the story, until both sides merged together toward the end.

  • Finally, the story was a brief read overall, yet it was so gripping that it felt difficult to put down.

Memorable Quotes

While reading, one particular quote stood out to me.

1) ‘­– if you don’t learn to control your power, it starts to control you instead.’


Overall, Just A Wild Ghost Chase was a quick, enjoyable, and gripping read infused with magic, spirits, and mystery. Themes included the supernatural, witchcraft, deception, and a shared purpose.

My Rating: 4 stars.
Recommended to: lovers of short, supernatural fiction series.


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