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Map of a Soundless Clock, by Matthew Rudd Reynolds


Map of a Soundless Clock, by Matthew Rudd Reynolds

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Today, I’m reviewing an exciting young adult science fiction-fantasy novel, entitled Map of a Soundless Clock, by Matthew Rudd Reynolds.

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Aboard the Kronos, a space-worthy ship governed by the caring yet at times callous Captain Grubb, Andi & co sail through the vastness of space in the hopes Lux (a magical dolphin) can lead the captain and his crew back to their lost home. However, there have been no signs as to their home’s whereabouts and the pressure is building for Andi to find some answers.

Meanwhile, Lux follows a signal to a mysterious world, where he is told he will finally learn about his true identity  and purpose in life.

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Six characters stood out to me while reading Map of a Soundless Clock; Andi, Artie, Captain Grubb, Lux, Calypso, and Mynost.

Andi is a courageous and determined young woman who carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. She is a deeply caring and selfless individual, whose temper occasionally gets the better of her. As a lead character, I quickly came to admire her direct way of handling stressful situations, and her capacity to endure so much turmoil while persevering toward her goals.

Artie (Andi’s twin) is wise beyond his years, with a passion for science. He understands the universe in a unique and profound way, helping to make sense of many puzzles he and his sister encounter along their journey. He is also a highly intelligent and deeply caring individual, whose differences are highly valued aboard the Kronos.

Captain Grubb
Captain Grubb is a kind and caring man that prefers to be in control of a situation. While he carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders (for finding his crew’s home-world), he is also holding onto many secrets. Although he is not good at talking about his feelings (for the most part), he is a good negotiator and always tries his best to do the right thing.

Lux is a magical, golden dolphin with an incredible capacity for empathy, especially toward Andi, who he bonded to in the previous book. Lux is a highly intelligent and emotional creature, who endeavours to help people whenever he can. He is also fiercely protective of Andi and does whatever he can to keep her safe.

Calypso is a Selkie who dwells within a special water-tube aboard the Kronos. As the ship’s navigator, she plays an important role in helping to guide its crew back to their home-world. She is a wise, just, and empathetic being, who has a deep understanding of people and cares for their wellbeing. Her devotion to healing others and helping them to communicate is admirable and made her one of my favourite characters.

Finally, we come to Mynost, a giant and mysterious being who wears a golden mask to hide his face from the universe. At first, he seems fierce and irrational, relentless in his search for his origins. However, over time I came to empathise with his plight, learning of an intense sense of loss that he carries within him.


Positives Aspects:

There were many positives to the experience of reading Map of a Soundless Clock, which I have detailed below:

  • Firstly, the story is beautifully written, with a good balance of emotion and action. Some of the later scenes even brought tears to my eyes as I realized the magnitude of the sacrifices some of the characters made.

  • Secondly, the main characters are likable and have admirable traits but also realistic flaws which make them unique and human. Furthermore, the bond between Andi and Lux is as heart-warming as ever.

  • Thirdly, the plot was complex, with competing goals pulling Andi and Lux in different directions.

  • In addition, the story was gripping and full of tension, as well as being emotionally charged, with several key scenes pulling on my heartstrings. I found it near impossible to put this book down: you could really tell that it was a profound labour of love.

  • Furthermore, I found the Kronos’ crew to be an intriguing bunch, with their people possessing a rich and interesting culture. I especially adored how they celebrated birthdays, with piano-like musical instruments conjuring past-memories before their eyes, bringing great joy to the crew.

  • Finally, the story had a wonderful, gripping ending: it was full of hope but also suspense, ending on another cliff-hanger.
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Memorable Quotes

Two key quotes stayed with me after reading this wonderful book.

1) ‘If she had learned anything from her experiences, it was not to trust first appearances’.
2) ‘Love wasn’t lost. If they had the memories, they had what they needed’.


Overall, Map of a Soundless Clock was a gripping and memorable tale, full of surprises, suspense, wonder and hope.

Key themes included love and friendship, time and space, a search for answers (to who one is and where one comes from), family, and finding one’s home.

My Rating: 5 stars.
Recommended to: lovers of unique, spellbinding young adult sci-fi/fantasy series.

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Or, to find out more about Matthew Rudd Reynolds, visit his author website, HERE.


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